Using EOS Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm

Lip balm is supposed to restore your lips to normal, but EOS does something extra. My lips feel better than they ever felt when in their normal state. Using EOS strawberry sorbet lip balm leaves my lips feeling super supple, pillowy soft and smooth as silk. It’s got to be the conditioning ingredients that make my lips feel so good, jump over here.

EOS includes some great conditioners in their lip balms. They use Shea butter, and jojoba oil to soften the lips and nourish them back to health. They exclude all the additives so many lip balms use. It’s petroleum, paraben and gluten free. It’s not tested on animals, so it’s a guilt free product also. All the ingredients are certified organic, so you can confidently use the product without fear of developing some kind of lip ulcer in your later years. Before they market their product they test it on human skin, so you’re not a guinea pig.

An added benefit is it comes in great flavors that also smell fantastic. Strawberry Sorbet, for instance, tastes like berries and smell just like the fruit. While the taste is also just like strawberries, it is subtle and won’t interfere with your enjoyment of food or drinks. Avail it here on You’ll just get a passing whiff of the strawberry scent when you apply it. The taste lasts longer, but it is not strong.

Apply Strawberry Sorbet and enjoy a day or evening of touchably soft and moist lips. You can kiss with confidence. You can interact with others without fear that your lips are not presentable. EOS lip balm is a confidence building personal maintenance tool. Its users can easily access the lip balm by simply unscrewing the cap. The application is also easy. Slightly open your mouth and glide the orb around your top and bottom lips, usually at the same time, much faster than a lip balm in a stick.

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