The Protection Offered by Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is an interesting company I found out out about from a friend of mine that works in a correctional facility in Texas. She was explaining that inmates attempting to smuggle in or have visitors smuggle in cell phones, especially smart phones, was nearly as rampant as the other types of malicious activity you can expect in a jail facility, including drugs. I jokingly asked if it was to pass the day playing Candy Crush and she told me just how problematic the issue is and how Securus Technologies has developed an entire suite of offerings to combat the problem and the various offshoot problems that come along with it.


Cell phones are contraband within prisons and many correctional facilities and jails. Securus Technologies developed the Cell Defender technology to give corrections officers the ability to have the upper hand when it comes to contraband phones. Their technology can remotely trace a contraband phone. Unlike in traditional searches, when a phone was found the only resource would have been to take it away and today’s phones are equipped with locks. Cell Defender allows us to locate the phone and remotely monitor it, determining exactly what the inmate that smuggled it in somehow was looking to do with the phone.


Securus Technologies also has a technology called Wireless Containment Solution that prevents phones from connecting to any wireless internet. This stops a huge variety of potential activity that could have negative consequences before they even begin.


PR Newswire ran an article on Securus Technologies that featured real comments from clients that had written in to share stories of how the technologies had helped them. Among those comments, the one that hit home with me talked not just about security but how the technology allowed the prisons and correctional facilities to be PROACTIVE in locating sources of potential wrongdoings before they even occur.

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