The EOS Brand Launches a Unique Crystal Lip Balm

The latest product that consumers have been eagerly waiting for is finally available in the market. The crystal lip balm, which rocked instagram over the last few days, has been appreciated by many consumers because of its amazing packaging. As opposed to the other EOS products, the new lip balm has a beautiful triangular finish with jewel-like effect. Check also this amazing related site,

The product has taken beauty to a level higher. It comes with 5 vital oils, it’s wax-free, and contains vanilla orchid with great nourishing and moisturizing ability. This sunscreen lip balm protects your lips over a long duration. It is affordable and available in local supply stores. It is a must try alternative for those who value their beauty. Shop EOS’ products here at


The Brand’s Lip Balm Products

EOS is a world’s giant in beauty-products. It is particularly famous for its quality unique lip-balms. The company produces a wide variety of these items. The EOS products vary in shape, color, flavor and ingredients. They have been tested and approved to be petroleum free. Consumers of these items have confirmed that their use resulted into smooth, soft and beautiful lips.

Some of the EOS’ most popular flavors include; passion, strawberry, blueberry, sweet mint, and honey. The firm strives to serve a wider segment of the market as can be seen in its product-line covering; organic, shimmer, and medicated lip balm among several others. The organic line is purely natural and contains zero artificial ingredients, see more info here.

The company has given its products a unique new-appearance. They stand-out from the rest of the competing brands. You should definitely try these products for best results. The Brand’s consumer-base will continue to enjoy quality items. This is because the firm is constantly working hard to exceed customer satisfaction through its reinvented cycle of softness. Get real-value for your money, buy here at


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