Successful Startup With Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a businessman that was raised in Freiburg, Switzerland. He completed his college education at Bern University and the University of Rochester. When Mike Baur was 16 years of age, he began a banking job at Union Bank of Switzerland. He climbed the ranks in the company very quickly. Baur was young, but when it came down to banking, he knew beyond his years. UBS made Baur an apprentice in 1991. He had proven his banking abilities and much more. UBS looked forward to keeping Baur as an employee. They gave him a plan that outlined the way his career at UBS would go before the time came for him to retire. He ended his employment at UBS in 2008.

Mike Baur got a job working Clariden Leu. He was a valued employee at Clariden Leu for six years. Baur gave up his banking job after the recession came and changed everything. He was no longer interested in banking he was now interested in helping tech entrepreneurs.

Mike Baur, Oliver Walzer, and Max Meister founded Swiss Startup Company in 2014. The company created a program called the incubator program that mentored and trained aspiring business owners. The companies that seem the most promising after the incubator program are given money to get the proper supplies. They assist the new owners for three months before they end the incubator program. Within the three months, they give the new owners marketing advice, information to network with other tech entrepreneurs, and the opportunity to receive funding from possible investors. When the three months are over the business owners must thrive off everything that they learned from the program.

Swiss Startup company believes in giving everybody a chance to pursue their dreams. They advise tech startups to enter contests to receive funding. In the competition, the tech startup explains their products and the plans that they have for their company. Whichever startup has less the $1million in funding and a solid plan gets funding from investors. Swiss Startup Company is credible because of Mike Baur participates in the pitching contest.

Swiss Startup Factory collaborated with CTI allowing Baur to flourish even more. He received a position as CTI Invest’s Deputy Managing Director. Baur’s position with CTI allowed for Swiss Startup Factory to collaborate on Swiss Startup Day. Baur’s hard work and passion have allowed Swiss Startup factory to grow.


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