Ricardo Tosto Explains the Unique Aspects of the Law in Brazil

Ricardo Tosto, a prominent attorney in Brazil, explained the unique aspects of Brazilian law in an attempt introduce it to the outside world. According to him the roots of Brazilian law originate from the Roman law and shows the characteristics of a civil law country. The Federal Supreme Court assumes the highest court of the country and entrusted with the duty of safeguarding the constitution and act as the court of review. The court does not issue Stare Decisis; however, after an amendment in 2004, the Supreme Court started issuing the binding orders in special situations. Interestingly, the binding orders must be approved by the two-thirds of the deciding court members, similar to the constitutional amendments.

The legal system of the country also contains a National Council of Justice, set up in 2004, works as a judicial agency and taking the responsibility of financial and administrative control along with the supervision of judges. The council contains a maximum of 15 members, and each member gets a term of two years. Brazil also has a Superior Tribunal of Justice, created in 1988, taking care of the standardization of the interpretation of the law in Brazil by strictly adhering to the constitutional principles and ensuring and defending the rule of law. The Tribunal consists of at least 33 members, and they are appointed by the President of the country based on the nomination of Federal Senate.

Ricardo Tosto is considered to be one of the greatest entrepreneurs in Brazilian law. He is currently a partner of Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados, one of the largest business litigation firms in the country. Ricardo Tosto founded his business in a small room in 1991, and within few years, it claimed the title of the leading legal office in the country. He was the counsel of many international business groups and appeared for several politicians of which many of them created national repercussion.

Ricardo Tosto is also a great mentor to the newly joining associates to the law firm, and he focuses on giving maximum exposure to them. He also shapes the business strategies of the law firm and supervises the entire operations. Ricardo Tosto completed his bachelor’s in law from Mackenzie Presbiterian University and earned his Business Administration from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation.

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