Paul Mampilly, The Self-Made Investor

     In 2016, Paul Mampilly joined the Banyan Hill Publishing. Besides, he works as a senior editor who specializes in assisting the Main Street Americans to obtain wealth in exceptional opportunities, growth investing, technology as well as small-cap stocks.

Paul’s career began in the year 1991 where he served as an assistant portfolio manager in Wall Street at Bankers Trust. He has since advanced to prominent positions at the Deutsch Bank where he managed multimillion-dollar accounts.

The proprietors of a $6 billion firm called Kinetics Asset recruited him to manage their hedge fund in 2006. During Mampilly’s tenure, the company’s assets rose to $25 billion within a short period. Consequently, the Barron’s nicknamed it as one of the world’s best hedge funds as a result of averaging about 26% annual returns.

Templeton Foundation invited Paul Mampilly to participate in the prestigious investment competition put on by them. He managed to generate a return of $88 million within a single year with a starting investment of $50 million. The most amazing thing is that he realized this during the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis.

Finally, Mampilly abandoned Wall Street and decided to spend more time with his family. Nevertheless, he is still an investor, and he is not quitting it anytime soon.

He’s now focused on helping the middle class make money on their investments instead of what he used to do; making money for the ultra rich. He is the founder of the renowned newsletters Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes in addition to a new research service called True Moment.

Paul believes in the fact that the research they conduct comes at a price that majority of the American people can afford. He states that the kind of service provided is very different from that on Wall Street which catered to the super elite.

Besides, Paul has been practicing the same routine for about 15 years now, where he gets up as early as 5 AM. He then goes through all the news coming out across the markets. After that, he then searches for news coming out from specific companies which he tracks on a daily basis.

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