OSI Group’s Worldwide Operations

Worldwide companies happen to be local in nature. Different factors affect the running of a company and among them are the government regulations, talent pool as well as cultural nuances. Consumer taste buds have to be taken in to account especially when one is running a company within the food industry. David McDonalds, the OSI Group’s President says the company is positioned well since they have a worldwide network of employees. OSI Group’s operations are run by local management teams in countries where they operate. This helps in understanding the local cultures and tastes.

He says it is the global scale power and efficiency that assists with local solutions. OSI Group has been leading in the supply of value-added protein items such as sausage links as well as beef patties. Leading foodservice and retail brands have been the dominant consumers of OSI’s Pizzas and sandwiches. OSI Group has operations in 17 countries around the world and has more than 50 facilities. The company is expanding to China through its worldwide efficiency and local solution strategy.

China’s economy has grown, and so is OSI Group’s presence which has been operating within that country for the last two decades. With eight factories and two new facilities in the pipeline, OSI Group is poised to become the biggest poultry producer in China. The company commissioned a new further processing mega-plant in Henan Province last year and also entered into a joint venture agreement with DOYOO Group. This culminated to DaOSI, which became the third fully vertically integrated poultry operation owned by OSI Group. Some of the Chinese clients include Yum, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Papa John’s, Subway and Burger King.

Besides its operations in China, OSI Group has made public plans for the establishment of seven processing and production facilities around the world. The company is establishing beef processing facility in Poland and will booster the plant’s employees by 30%. Shandong Province will be the home of a new modern feed mill with an annual capacity of 60000 metric tons making it China’s most significant operational feed mills. Other establishments will be in Geneva and India. OSI Group utilizes equipment manufacturers in developing processes that help in food safety and quality. The company also interacts with the agricultural suppliers to observe how products are grown.

OSI Group

This is a privately owned holding company that supply service and retail food service industries with their products. OSI Group is based in Aurora Illinois. Some of the products they supply include pork, meat patties, bacon, hot dogs, fish, poultry, vegetables and dough products. The company has been recognized due to its management of safety risks and health as well as health management.

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