Osi Group the Winners of 2016 British Council Award


OSI is a world top retail foodservice and retail food trademark. With a wide market coverage, OSI offers unmatched resources and are easy to get in touch. The group has wide stretched abilities such as global supply chain of food. They also make their traditional food product and focus on its growth in the market. They make sure that the routine food is accepted in the market and then profits are maximized. The group boasts of over 65 outlets in 17 different countries. This comes with a high-class custom food. The huge stuff of 20000 help ensures that customers are fully satisfied.

Last year the British Safety Council award awarded the Globe of Honor to the OSI. This was possible due to the experience the group has acquired over time in the food industry. With sumptuous meals, desserts, side dishes, lunches and breakfast that are affordable, this make customers count on them. Their main headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois where more delicacies are produced. The company with rich past on food changed its name due to its swift expansion from OSI Industries since 1909to 2004. OSI is widely known in the United States of America because of its food rich in proteins despite the wide range of products.

OSI Group has spread its wings of expansion to buying various top notch food organizations. These organizations include Baho Food, Flagship Europe, and Tyson Food Plant. This great step has made OSI managing to be among 100 top Food Organization the USA. Right now it leads the industry in offering customs solutions and healthy product. The organization manufactures breakfast sausages, pork products, and hot dogs. OSI promotes a vast series of healthy food, and this includes fruits, sea foods, and vegetables. Facilities aiding in the production of such healthy food has been set up in Europe, Asia-Pacific Zones, and America.

http://www.osigroup.com/about-us for more.

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