New Updated Line of EOS Lip Balms

EOS has announced a new product line that hits stores in August 2017 that will be known as EOS crystal. EOS crystal lip balm illustrates the new unique nature of their case. The new applicators will be moving slightly away from the standard cases that EOS sells. While EOS has made a significant amount of money and gained attention with their sphere like applicators that were a far throw away from the standard tube like applicators sold by other brands. As mentioned in, the new EOS crystal lip balm applicator is clear and see-through, and also less circle shaped which allows them to stand on countertops and dressers more easily.

As part of the rollout of the new EOS crystal line, EOS is releasing two new flavors of lip balm under this brand. The first flavor is hibiscus peach and is another marriage between fruit and floral flavors similar to their honeysuckle honeydew line. While the flavor of peach is already present in the EOS summer fruit flavor, the hibiscus peach flavor is a more pure play on the peach flavor. The second flavor is vanilla orchid and is similar to the vanilla mint flavor that EOS sells but without the mint flavor. It presents a more straight-forward vanilla flavor that may appeal to customers who don’t like the blended and complex combinations, more info to read here on

These flavors and the EOS crystal applicators provide a more see-through product that focuses on the nature and quality of the ingredients. For a brand like EOS which has long issued products that have a higher quality level that other lip balm producers, this focus on ingredients and their premium nature is a good thing. Both for EOS which focuses on their strength, their great lip balms, and for customers who will be receiving a better overall lip balm as a result.

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