Michel Terpins Achievements as an Upcoming Rally Driver

Michel Terpin’s name will remain in the history of Brazil, as one of the decorated rally drivers alongside his brother Rodrigo Terpin. Since breaking away from Bull Rally Team, he has created a niche for himself due to the dedication and consistency in amassing his driving experience. The onset of success started off when he picked up Sven Vin Barrier as his co-driver. In the partnership, a blend of experience, sheer dedication and discipline have aided the team to stage splendid shows of performances in both the Rally dos Sertoes and the Brazilian Cross Country championship.

Winning the 22nd Sertoes Rally

After turning professional in the 2008 Sertoes Rally, Michel Terpin surprised many fans and participants of the competition after completing the seven series event in a personal best time of 13 hours 53 minutes and 19 seconds, in fact, he beat his closest rival by over 2 hours 35 minutes. The edition was a landmark achievement for the young man as he took his name to the event’s records as the competing as the best time in the history of the Sertores event since its inception. In the events leading to this victory, the duo of Michel and Von Borrier won 4 of the seven stages of the event that had caught many of the participants with a lot of difficulties.

Other Achievements

In most cases, most participants could not complete the various series in the 2200 kilometers of competition. From the records, 47 participants were axed from the competition as they could not complete the special section of the Sertoes. In the long run, Michel, aboard their T-Rex, were promoted to the Brazilian National Cross Country Championship, which drew only 20 of the best rally drivers across the country. Also, they also received the Green Badge, which was an honor for their contribution to environmental conservation. It then meant that the two were the ambassadors of change for proper ecological conservation acts, through observing ethical codes while driving in the competition. The honor also came as at a time when Michel had ventured into planting trees in the Minas Girais Forest as part of observing proper environmental practices.

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