Louis Chenevert’s Achievement as CEO of United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert is a retired CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), and Gregory J. Hayes succeeded him. Louis was born in 1958 in Quebec. He attended an affiliate school of the University of Montreal called the HEC Montreal where he graduated with a bachelor of Business Administration degree in production management. Louis obtained a doctorate honoris causa from both Concordia University and HEC Montreal. He started working and the United Technologies Corporation in 2006, and was named Chief Operation Officer. He was named CEO in 2008 and became a chairperson of the board of directors in 2010 January. Read more about Louis at crunchbase.com.

Over the years, Louis has built an unmatched reputation when it comes to running and managing a business. During his ten years at the UTC, he has led the company to great heights when it comes to accomplishments. As a new president of UTC, Louis was able to acquire Goodrich for over 18 million dollars, one of the most remarkable achievements. A few years later he rejuvenated the company by investing in the workers and allowing them to finish their college degrees in their corresponding fields. The company established a program called the Employees Scholar Program that would cover their employees’ expenses when during the time they went back to school. The company used over 1 billion dollars in this project, and more than 40,000 employees all over the world were able to attain their degrees. This strategy was the best as it left the financial foundation of the company very stable. To make the company more competitive, Louis Chenevert took a risk and invested in the current technology that was available. This step made UTC a reputable and reliable name in the industry of aerospace and technology when the company acquired a government contract to manufacture a new engine.


Forbes named Mr Chenevert, the hero behind the growth and improvement that has ensured consistency growth in the company over the years. During the 2006 subprime downfall of the economy, a period where most companies collapsed UTC was notably stable as Mr Chenevert was able to steer through it smoothly despite the perfidious condition of the economy. Louis Chenevert resigned as the CEO of UTC in the 8th of December 2014. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Affiliate Dork.

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