Lessons Learnt By Rocketship Education In Their Ten Years Of Operation

Ten years ago, Rocketship Education opened its first school in a church based in San Jose, California. Although they have made a remarkable impact within the communities they serve, Rocketship Education is still more of a work in progress. They are always learning how to serve their students and communities better. Over the years, Rocketship Education has gained more knowledge on personalized learning.

Personalized learning begins at home. The organization is regarded as the pioneer of personalized learning. They remain strong advocates for the integration of technology to enhance student learning and advance student agency. However, personalized learning offers more advantages to the students than using technology. The subject focuses on comprehending the unique interests and needs of each student and family. The organization’s yearly home visits have turned out to be an important component of their personalized learning approach. The model allows them to develop a deeper understanding on how best to serve students and develop strong relationships with their families.

The power of parents should be honored. Rocketship Education has built an innovative parent leadership program. This program seeks to assist families to exercise their power to hold leaders accountable, demand political attention, and enable excellent public school systems to prosper. Because they provide only elementary education, parents must engage and promote high-quality middle and high schools. Ten years after starting operations, the movement has taken root in San Jose where Karen Martinez, one of Rocketship’ parents has helped to launch high-quality middle and high schools.

The other lessons that Rocketship has learned is that integrating students would not establish culturally responsive schools. However, it is the teachers who play a pivotal role in that end. Moreover, a culture of continuous learning is important in defining your mindset and creating the right partnerships. Additionally, meaningful inclusions turn out to be beneficial to all children.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a renowned national non-profit network of public elementary public schools. It serves low income communities, which have limited access to first-rate schools. The institution was established in 2006 with a goal of getting rid of the achievement gap by developing a sustainable school model that spurs student achievement in disadvantaged communities. At the center of Rocketship’s instructional system is a teacher-led and technology-backed approach to customized learning. The model matches every student with the right content at the appropriate time and utilizing the proper method of instruction.


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