Karl Heideck on compliance with the new car seats law

In Pennsylvania, there is a new car seat law that has been passed. The law seeks to put safety measures for children while on the roads. The law which was passed 2016 came into full implementation in 2017 since it has a grace period of one year. The law states that children of less than two years should have special seats that face the rear of the car. The car seats are intended to boost the safety of the children on the roads. According to research that was conducted in it is better to have a child’s seat facing towards the rear since then, it is much harder for the child to break bones. Front-facing seats expose children to dangers even in the minor accidents.

The law also has a provision to have children of eight years and below have special, booster seats. The exception from this category is only for children who weigh more than 80 pounds and those who are taller than 4’9. These legislators in Pennsylvania hope that this law will go a long way in ensuring that the safety of children while on the roads is enhanced. Drivers who do not comply with the safety rules risk being charged or fined.

Karl Heideck, an attorney in the state of PA, has written on the law encouraging parents across the state to ensure that they have complied with the law. He says that compliance with the law means having the seats that are recommended by the law. In the state, some car seat manufacturers have recalled some of their models to ensure that they are compliant with the new law. For parents that have old cars seats, Karl Heideck advises them to buy new car seats from verified manufactures. Old seats may have damages that will make them not safe enough for use in protecting children.

Every year, a body known as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety releases yearly car seat recommendations. In their report, they show the best car seats in term of safety to the passengers. Karl Heideck recommends that, any parent who is not sure what type of car seat to buy to go to the list of IHIS and select a seat that is compliant with the law.

Car owners are also required to follow the instructions on how to install the seats in the vehicle. There various bodies in the state that deal with car seat inspection where parents can confirm if indeed their seats are up to required standards.

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