James Dondero: Jumpstarted the Hippopotamus’ Return

James Dondero is the current president and one of the original co-founders of one of the largest investment firms in Texas, Highland Capital Management. He is known to be a top executive as well as a philanthropist, and he is loved by the local population of Dallas because of his social programs that are helping the people who are in need. He is also spearheading events that are beneficial to the community, and the most recent example of his philanthropy is the return of the hippopotamus in the Dallas Zoo. Two hippos named Adhama and Boipelo, coming from the zoos in Los Angeles and Albuqueque, were transported into Dallas. The public has been informed about this move, and they were very excited to see a hippo in real life. Many of them have not seen one in years, after the previous hippo inside the Dallas Zoo died.

James Dondero donated more than $15 million to have the hippos transported, and $1 million out of the $15 million that he shelled out were used to renovate the hippo’s enclosure. A lounge near the hippos’ enclosure will be constructed as well, and it will be named the Highland Capital Lounge, which is over 5000 square feet in area. Once it opens, it will provide the visitors with a fantastic view of the animals inside the enclosure, and it will also be used as a venue for a variety of events. The proceeds that will be made through the use of the lounge will be donated straight to the fund of the Dallas Zoo for future improvements. $14 million out of the $15 million donation was used to transport the animals, and to process their papers. Back in April 2017, the zoo management has decided to open the hippos’ enclosure to the public, and the zoo management stated that the visitor arrivals spiked after the hippos were presented. People are very happy that they have finally seen a hippo in real life, and they are no longer required to visit Africa just to see a living hippo. James Dondero have stated that he wanted the local population to be more informed as to how these animals live, and he is delightful that the people have been giving the new attraction a number of positive feedbacks.

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