Ian King And Cryptocurrencies – He Knows A Whole Lot About Them

Cryptocurrencies are readily growing popular in today’s world. Even though Bitcoin, the very first cryptocurrency, was created in January of 2009, cryptocurrencies only started to gain widespread traction just a few months ago.

And that’s what one considers to be “widespread” — as a matter of fact, most people aren’t familiar with Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, Monero, or any other cryptocurrencies. Many of us have heard of them in news media, but few actually understand the inner workings of such technologies on banyanhill.com.

Ian King is one of the few researchers that dedicates most, if not all, of his working time to learning more about cryptocurrencies. Some of his most treasured focuses are researching links between current performance and current events across the world, and discovering new or lesser-known cryptocurrencies he thinks that have lots of potential.

What Makes Cryptocurrencies So Hard To Understand?

Cryptocurrencies are new to all of us, even the rare few who have been following Bitcoin since 2009 on investopedia.com.

Even the “cryptocurrency OGs” have trouble following what’s going on with any cryptocurrency at any time. While the field of finance has been around for some time, that of popular digital currencies hasn’t existed for long, at all.

Tons of research exists about traditional financial markets, whereas very limited banks of information has been compiled regarding cryptocurrencies.

About Ian King

Mr. Ian King is well-known around cryptocurrency and financial markets news circles on the World Wide Web, even though he’s only been writing since 2017. He currently writes for Banyan Hill Publishing, an online purveyor of various financial and cryptocurrency-related works, where he’s been since last year.

He first started working for the Salomon Brothers, in the company’s trading department for mortgage bonds, as a receptionist. Shortly after, Ian King was fortunate enough to be hired at Citigroup in dealing with credit derivatives according to crunchbase.com.

Mr. King skipped over to Peahi Capital, a prominent hedge fund that’s based in upstate New York, where he worked for over a decade. At Peahi Capital, Mr. Ian King was responsible for all options trading, something that prepared him well for his career in writing as a financial expert.

He is currently working on a introductory guide for cryptocurrencies of all kinds, and regularly publishes articles that give investors valuable advice related to current events in the financial market.

Mr. Ian King is also a weekly contributor to the Sovereign Investor Daily, a publication by Banyan Hill.

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