How Rocketship Education Operates Differently Than Traditional Public Schools

Rocketship Education is a charter school program that largely has Hispanic and African-American students who come from low-income families. It was started in San Diego, California and now has a number of school in the United States. It was designed to address the fact that increasingly children from low-income household receive a subpar education when it comes to their education, especially nowadays. Rocketship Education seeks to break the cycle of poverty as one’s education is so important in getting a well-paying job.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit and operates public charter schools. They work with educators, parents, and community groups in order to create schools that will benefit the children who attend them. Their success at doing so is reflected in that they now operate 25 public charters schools in their network which is quite an achievement considering the company first launched just 10 years ago, in 2007.

At Rocketship Education schools parents are highly involved. They even interview prospective educator candidates. Before a teacher is offered a job they are interviewed by the parents who are free to ask the questions they feel need answers. The parents offer their feedback to the school administration officials which has been used to determine who gets the open job position.

At Rocketship Education they take a blended learning approach in order to effectively teach students. The students at these schools get a traditional teaching method where the teacher leads the instruction. They also, though, make use of computer-assisted instruction which the children find highly educational and interesting to do. This approach keeps the costs to run the schools lower than they otherwise would be. It also helps test scores as the students of Rocketship Education receive higher scores in general than do students at public schools in the same area.

Rocketship Education teaches elementary school children. In order to help prepare them and their parents for life in middle and high school this educational institution teaches parents the ways to advocate for their child’s educational needs. In this way when the students leave Rocketship Education they will still receive a good education.

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