Exactly What Is ClassDojo

ClassDojo is an interactive app that connects teachers, parents and student in an effort to close the communications gap. The three parties use ClassDojo to keep each other informed about what is going on with each group and a lot of sharing goes on in the process.

Students can share photos, messages and videos through the school day and teachers can keep parents informed regarding schedules and homework assignments and parents can ask questions directly of the teacher.

ClassDojo has become immensely popular as evidenced by the fact that it is being used in 90 percent of all the Kindergarten through 8th-grade schools in the United States as well in over 180 different countries. It is currently translated into over 35 languages. Parents rave about it because they feel that they are being kept informed, and of course they are.

The portion of the app called “Messages” allows parents, teachers and school leaders to be able to message each other instantly without having to do all that is normally needed to keep track of phone numbers. Teachers have “quiet times” when they can let parents know when they are not available.

A subject called “Stories” tell parents what is going on by the content of the story. Every school, class and student have their own story which is then shared with parents. This process is a brilliant way to let the parents know what is happening and is great for connecting everyone. It is done on a daily basis with pictures, videos and comments. Students then create their own story which can consist of a timeline or a series of photos or information about what they have learned that day.

The overall effect of ClassDojo has been amazing as students have learned to have empathy for others and it has helped everyone stay tuned in to the learning process.


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