Equities First Holdings of Australia Extends Financial Services Through Expansion

In the business world, credit facilitation becomes very necessary sometimes. Equity First Holdings in Australia is one of the well-known companies in Australia providing faster loans. The company is a provider of alternative shareholder financing. It has lent money to many businesses internationally its current donations being to the ECT. The funds received by ECT will be used to fund research and development facilities in India. ECT is a company that innovates with a solid management team.


Equities First Holdings specializes in efficient, alternative, lending solutions for high net-worth individuals looking for non-purpose capitalĀ  business. Equities First Holdings (Australia) rooted from Meridian Equity Partners Pty Limited. Its president is Al Christy, who is a generous and ambitious man. The company operates as a subsidiary of Equities First Holding since September 5, 2014. Equity First Holding (Australia) Pty Ltd, based in Sydney, operates satellite offices in Perth and Melbourne and holds a license in Australian Financial Services.

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