EOS Crystal Lip Balms Are Weightless

EOS Crystal Lip Balm is the latest release from the company’s lip balm product line. It is an exciting addition to the lip balms that came before. All of them have been amazing. This one is specifically for vegans. It has zero beeswax in it.

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There are two flavors that have been released so far. There is Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. Each one tastes so good and smells amazing. The neatest part about the new product is the way that it looks. It comes in a bulb-like shape with a slight tip at the top. The balm itself is clear. That why they called it Crystal Lip Balm. It is crystal clear. It goes on just as clear. See awesome review now!

It has a lighter texture for application as well. That’s because there is no beeswax to feel heavy. It softens the lips just as well as the original product. EOS has always been an organic company. They have also always been humane in their product development. That is why they have been so incredibly successful.

The collecting world has gone crazy since the release of this product line. It was sold out online the day of the release. Many of the stores report the same thing. The products are often sold out the day of them arriving in the stores. They are available in several of the main stores across the country. Here are a few of them.

– Walmart


– Walgreens

– Target

Some collectors have begun asking about the lip balms schedule for delivery in the stores to try to buy them, see makeupalley.com. This has helped them to build their collections and add these vegan lip balms. The best part of this release has been the way which the company has always maintained a standard of ethical behavior for both developments of new products.

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