Stream Energy, Empowering Women One Conference at a Time

Women can do amazing things, and Stream Energy is hard at work making sure they are successful. To help Women achieve their goals, Stream Energy founded the group Women of Power in 2010. Every year they put together the Women of Power Conference. Full of inspiration, focused workshops, and detailed training, this conference held in November serves as a catalyst for the Women of Stream Energy. Sessions like “Be your own Boss” and presentations that range from personal branding tips to visualization and mindfulness exercises, women leave this conference feeling empowered to grow their business even more in the coming year.

“Each year, our retreat has a theme. This year, the theme was Shine.” Stream Energy’s Chief Financial Officer Renée Hornbaker, was influential in starting this group as one of the Cofounders. “Together, we focused on the importance of letting our true selves shine through with confidence, and how that practice can inspire others to do the same.”

Founded in 2005 Stream Energy is consistently ranked as a top 20 direct selling company. With more than $8 billion in total revenue, it’s no wonder that Stream Energy is recognized as one of the largest direct selling companies in the global energy market. But they are so much more than that. In recent years they have added Wireless, Protective, and Home Services. These products work together to fit the needs of their busy customer who want solutions to their everyday needs from a company they can trust.

Stream Energy is not only changing the field of energy, they are actively working to inspire women to live the life they’ve always dreamed of. By being their own boss in an actively growing field, Stream Energy provides the opportunity for women to shine not just at their annual conference, but every day of the year. With opportunities for learning and growth, Stream Energy is helping women to take charge of their future and grow a business they can be proud of.

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