Samuel Strauch: Revolutionizing Real Estate In South Florida And Latin America

Samuel Strauch is Owner and Founder of Metric Real Estate which is based in South Beach Florida. The company has its operations most Latin American countries providing various services such as equity, brokerage, and real estate management. Mr. Strauch has an undergraduate degree from Hofstra University. He also has other degrees from Harvard University and Erasmus University.

The real estate guru started his career in the banking sector before joining his family’s real estate in Florida. After working with his family in their real estate company, Mr. Strauch decided to go it solo and started his own company in 2002. Since then, he has grown the company to become one of the leading real estate firms in South Florida and Latin America.

Metric Real Estate has been able to grow due to his different business strategies of equity sourcing, brokerage, acquisitions, development, and management of such companies to become the best in Latin America and South Florida. Samuel is also actively involved in investing in restaurant and internet businesses and is very passionate about art and photography.

In an interview with Ideasmench, Mr. discusses a range of issues regarding his career and his personal life. When asked about where the idea to start his company came from, he says that he was influenced by two aspects when he moved to Miami. One is that there were many new real estate developments in the city and that the town was in transforming itself from being a vacation town to becoming a full-fledged metropolitan city on the beach. Out of this, he decided to capitalize on the opportunity by connecting international investors and clients hence starting his real estate firm.

Mr. Samuel Strauch’s success in the real estate business is based on his curious mind which allows him to have wider perspectives in both his personal and business life. He is firm on the view that people need to have an active approach in contributing positively to positively impacting human growth according to their capabilities. He says that even the smallest of actions have the potential in one way or the other of becoming the basis of positive change.