Susan McGalla Discussing the Ways to Improve the Position of Women in the Corporate World

One of the most prominent problems in the corporate world these days even after so much advancement is the difference between the ranks of men and women. There are fewer women in the executive position in the industry than there are men and it is a difference that has been going on for years. Even when the world has come to realize the fact that there isn’t much that women can’t achieve in comparison to men, the difference is apparently visible in the corporate world. Susan McGalla is one of the few women executives who has been able to outrank men in her career to become the President at the reputed apparel firm named American Eagle Outfitters Inc and CEO at Wet Seals inc.

Susan McGalla says that for women achieving their dream position in any company is far easier today than it was earlier. However, she does acknowledge that glass ceiling problem does exist and only the existence of women support groups or women directed initiatives are not enough to address the issue. Susan McGalla says that if the support groups and efforts were enough to uplift the position of women in the corporate world, then the difference in the number of men and women executives in the companies today won’t be at the extreme ends of a scale.

Susan McGalla says that what women in the corporate circle need these days is some kind of mentor to help them reach their dream designation. Having mentors who are driven by incentives to help women get to a better position can work wonders in ensuring that the motivated and determined women employees who are heavily invested in their work can achieve the status they deserve. If more and more companies adopt this approach, it would help the women to get over the glass ceiling problem, once and for all.