Barbara Stokes Gives Home Construction a Stroke of Quality

About Green Structure Homes

Green Structure Homes is a company providing both steel and modular wooden frame homes. These homes are made to be state of the art. The company also uses the latest technology to make environment-friendly homes that use energy efficiently. Green Structure Homes does all this while giving the client budget accuracy, with homes built within a short time frame using local workforce. Green Structure Homes have low maintenance costs with lowered insurance premiums and costs associated with energy. The homes a structural integrity of 130mph for hurricanes and makes multiple bedroom family homes resistant to mold, pests and mildews. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

A Mercer University graduate, Barbara Stokes studied Biomedical Engineering and Physics. At the same university, she studied Manufacturing and management. She also did studies in Technical communication, thermodynamics, and structures. She also studies Properties of materials. She has worked for Boeing and Pisces Corporation. Barbara Strokes also has a lot of experience in government contracting. It is this experience that has enabled her to lead GSH into supporting various US government missions and also FEMA. She volunteers frequently for Huntsville community. Follow Barbara Stokes on Facebook.

Products and Designs

The materials used by GSH in their home construction are wood and steel of light gauge. The external design of the homes is for executive homes with the interior customized to the clients’ taste. This customization includes state of the art kitchens and marble or granite baths. The erections of GSH homes are made to have a minimal environmental impact. GSH manufactures its homes off-site; they are then delivered to the clients preferred site where they are then erected within days. The homes also have insulation with the roof reflexes using the recommended R-19 insulation value. This standardized and consistency applied by Green Structures Homes in its manufacturing processes and procedures, ensure the final products are high quality. All the input, from materials, form, design and the construction itself, are all high quality. Checks are constantly done to ensure quality assurance of procedures have been properly enforced in from the product manufacturing process until it is installed at the client’s site.