How Oncotarget is Changing Cancer Treatment

The Research Gate article that talked about Oncotarget found the publication was doing what it could to make cancer research better. It was giving people a place where they could connect and a place where they would be able to come together. For Oncotarget, this meant they would need to try to fix things so they could get better at the industry they were working in. It also meant the company would be doing their best to provide different things to people who were working on their own. As long as Oncotarget was connecting doctors and patients, they were giving them the ability they had to make things easier. It also gave them the chance to try different things while they were working toward a better future. As long as the company had done their best and as long as they were helping other people with the issues they were facing, Oncotarget was doing things right. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

While the publication has continued to grow, people are realizing they are getting a great experience from the peer review publication. Doctors are learning more about treatment and they’re using it to make their patients feel better about themselves. For Oncotarget to do this, they had to make sure they were giving them all the things that would change their lives. It was part of how they could make everything better and part of what the industry needed to treat people who were in different cancer situations. It was everything they could do to bring attention to the industry. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

For Oncotarget, this means they have to continue to do better and grow in different situations. The article from Research Gate even said that Oncotarget was expanding to include other specialists. They would be able to do this so they could help even more people with the issues they were facing. It gave them the motivation they needed to try and help those who were working on their own. It also gave them the ability to truly make an impact in the cancer treatment community. They did all of it for the patients they were trying to serve.


Surgeon Mark Holterman’s Inspiring Career

Dr. Mark Holterman is a full professor at the University of Illinois in the college of medicine, which is based in Peoria. Dr. Holterman is a Pediatric Surgeon at St. Francis Medical Centre. He has also worked with Advocate Christ Children Hospital for a couple of years as a surgeon. Mark graduated from Yale University with Summa Cum Laude in Biology. He later proceeded to the University of Virginia where he earned a Ph.D. and MD in Biology. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holterman’s profile at

While in the University of Virginia, Dr. Holterman earned a fellowship in Pediatric Surgery by way of the University of Washington in the United States of America. Dr. Holterman has earned more experience in surgery, and this has earned him many titles. He has worked Mariam Global Health as the Chief Executive Officer. While working with Mariam Global Health, Dr. Holterman did much research on medical technologies including stem cell regeneration therapy, obesity management and cancer treatments. He has worked as surgeon-in-chief at Rush University Medical Centre where he laid a great foundation and compass for the next management.


Dr. Holterman is an author who has developed medical texts, peer-reviewed papers and many presentations on Bariatric Surgery that treats obesity. Dr. Mark Holterman is one man of a kind who does not choose any work; he is a lecturer teaching students at the University of Illinois, he also performs surgeries while working tirelessly on research therapies. He has gone beyond limits and ventured into business and therefore he is an entrepreneur, researcher and philanthropist. He has also helped many health charity organizations including International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for Vietnam Children also known as IPSAC-VN.

IPSAC-VN operates in Vietnam medical schools, hospitals and homes to bring the advanced medical attention to ill needy children. The group also looks into donations to support the group and volunteers so as to run the organizations. Dr. Holterman has set examples for many entrepreneurs in Vietnam and beyond. He has stood as a motivation to young business starters and research institution for the last two decades. He is an outgoing man who has earned vast experience in his fieldwork hence supporting his field of work and profession. Visit to know more.

Georgia Based Surgeon Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor that is licensed in surgery in the states of Georgia and Florida. Mark has been known to be very passionate about advocating for patients and being a dedicated servant to his community. Dr. McKenna grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana and graduated from Tulane University where he attended medical school. Once he was finished with his medical education and training, he practiced medicine with his father. Along with practicing medicine, he would also launch a venture known as McKenna Venture Investments which is a real estate development firm. McKenna would also acquire and start up a company known as Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Incorporated. During the history of these companies, they would grow to over 50 employees and provided services such as turnkey, design building, finance and closing services of real estate.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and destroyed much of Mark’s business interests. However, he would work with the city to help in the recovery efforts. Mark would contribute to rebuilding the city by redeveloping low moderate income housing. In the year 2007, Dr. McKenna would move to Atlanta, Georgia and start up a healthcare practice known as ShapeMed which was a wellness and aesthetic medical practice. He would also serve as the National Medical Director of Life time Fitness Incorporated. By the year 2016, Dr. McKenna would became the Founder and CEO of a company called OVME which is a company that specializes in consumer facing, technology enabled medical aesthetic services.

Mark is married to his wife Gianine McKenna and has a daughter named Milana Elle. He also owns a Pomeranian dog named Ryder. He is a member the Entrepreneurs Organization along with being a previous board member of the New Orleans Jazz Festival. Mark also served on the New Orleans Industrial Development Board.

When it comes to his business interests, Mark founded OVME which came from his experience in working in the medical aesthetics industry. On a typical day Mark gets up and begins work at 8AM. He continues to work until around 6PM to have dinner. After dinner he trains in JiuJitsu and then works some more until he goes to bed. When it comes to his business success, Mark attributes to reading books such as Think and Grow Rich and surrounding himself with people smarter than him. These things have enabled Mark to reach his full potential in business.

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Preparing For A Lifeline Screening Test

There are many people who do not see a doctor on a regular basis, not even for an annual physical. They seem to think that if nothing is seemingly wrong, then they must be in good health. The problem with that philosophy is that most of serious health problems that we develop all start out with very small, almost unnoticeable symptoms.

That is where Lifeline Screening comes in because they offer all of the major screenings and tests that are usually found only at hospitals and medical testing facilities at a nice discount.

Ultrasound screenings are one major source of screenings. With ultrasound it is possible to “see” inside of the body and view the major organs in real time as they are functioning. It is possible to detect rate of blood flow through an artery so as to determine a possible extent of blockage.

With a finger-stick blood test a complete lipid panel can be built to determine the cholesterol levels, glucose levels, and liver enzyme levels to detect liver disease. The limited electrocardiograph detects atrial fibrillation or an irregular heartbeat which can cause blood clots and thus a possible stroke.

These and many more tests are indicative of potential problems and can be shared with a person’s personal physician. The ease and bargain costs of the tests make it convenient and cost-effective for people to show up at public venues or at a place of employment.

The tests and screenings are easy to do and are very casual as far as what to wear and scheduling. For most tests clothing should be loose fitting and comfortable. You will be lying down, sitting or standing, depending on the test that is being given.

For most blood tests it is a good idea to fast for a 12 hour period prior to the test. Drinking water is ok as it will help to purify the system and keep you hydrated during the fasting period. For more info about us: click here.

When you arrive at the Lifeline Screening location, you will be greeted by a friendly receptionist who will take your name and other vital information such as your address, zip code, phone, and your personal physician. Each test you are to have done will be fully explained and at the end of the session you will receive a full report of the results of the screenings.

Life Line Screening Provides High Profile Life Screening Techniques to Save Lives

The benefits of getting early life line screening include arresting the symptoms of a disease on time. It is undisputed that with the early diagnosis comes early treatment. That is why Life Line Screening established. The company has been operating since 1993. Since then, it has been working on the basis of answering the demands for low screening costs in the health sector. Life Line Screening provides comfortable and non-threatening services in not only organizations but also churches and town halls. The company screens approximately 900,000 individuals in a year.


Life Line Screening is a leading healthcare provider internal screening services. The services of the company extend beyond what most health care physicians offer. The screening results have been designed to be shared as well as discussed with the doctor in charge of a client’s diagnosis. This ensures that the patient receives comprehensive care. At Life Line Screening, the mission of the company is to make sure that people who have unrecognized health issues receive a proper diagnosis. The team then does a follow-up with the physician to ensure that there is drug adherence


The company prides itself on being a leading service provider for community-based health screenings across America. They use advanced technology in addition to highly trained health care medical professionals to conduct screening. Through the board of certified physicians, the health reviews are handed out after a proper examination. Life Line Screening committed to providing the highest quality of preventive screenings. These services are highly affordable.


Life Line Screening partners with many hospitals, community organizations, and investors to provide patients with top-notch and efficient health screenings. Through these partnerships, the society has benefited from the input of corporate world, the medical community and employee groups. Partnership with Life Line Screening contributes to the positive of the community and organization. The company offers ranging treatment options from various insurance companies. Whether a client is a member of the medical community or just a local employee, Life Line Screening takes care of all interests. Partnering with the company is easy as all it takes is the sharing of their vision.