More Investors Seeking For Financial Services from Global Leader – Equities First

Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH) has been furnishing potential borrowers with alternative financing services since 2002. With the experience of 15 years, the company has been offering stock based loans against publicly traded stocks, thus helping borrowers meet their personal and professional commitments. Investors who don’t qualify from other lenders benefit from Equities First stock-based loans that are given against your shares (security). To date, the company has completed a minimum of 650 transactions which value over $1.4 billion, as clients benefit from low fixed interest rates and high loan-to-value ratios of the stock loans.

Equities First Holdings is a globally recognized company with various working offices based in nine countries. The organization also runs different fully possessed subsidiaries in London, Australia, Singapore, and South Africa. When you borrow stock loans, you benefit from a fixed interest proportions that range from 3 to 4% and the LTV – Loan To Value Ratio of 50% to 70%. The loans also come with no limitations; hence, the funds borrowed can be used for different purposes. More so, stock-loans credits are non-resource, meaning a borrower can walk away without further obligation even at times when the collateral stock value depreciates.

The Founder & CEO Al Christy indicated that any transaction in financial sector come with risks. He added that alternative lending services came with major benefits although people used to ignore them due to dishonest lenders who took their collateral to the public stock market and failed to pay them back. But today things have changed. Equities First entails high level security and modern technologies when handling all transactions.

Besides, the company operates its services on transparency and integrity in addition to working together with legal, trading, and regulatory institutions for guidance. The organization’s mission is to offer maximum benefits with small risks that ensure clients meet their financial obligations and targets.

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