Stream Energy Gives a New Finance Officer the Reigns

Leading energy and life services company, Stream Energy, just added a new Chief Financial Officer to the team. The company decided to invite Steve Faranett to take over the position. Faranetta has a heap of experience that he brings to the table. Larry Mondry, CEO of Stream, is ecstatic about bringing Faranetta on board. He said that he is delighted to have a man with such experience lead one of the most crucial departments in the firm. The finance officer has a lot of responsibility, and they would not have hired him if they did not have full confidence in what he could do for the firm.

Mr. Faranetta has been in the energy business for several decades says He spent some time working for TXU Energy. In fact, he was the Chief Financial Officer there, so he already had the expertise for the position that he just received. Furthermore, he was Vice President of Treasury at the Vistra Energy company. He received quite a bit of education in economics, so he is a well-rounded individual and seems to be the perfect to head Stream’s team.

Faranetta was just as delighted to be a new part of the team as Larry Mondry was to have him on the team. Faranetta said that he was thrilled to be a part of a team that is so fast-paced, profitable and motivated to strive for success. Faranetta will be a fine leader at Stream. He has already proven that he could handle such challenging positions in the past.


Stream Energy Information

Stream Energy is a company that receives a high level of praise and recognition of its achievements from the customers. Some clients see Stream as the epitome of excellent customer service and compassion. The company has been servicing the community for many years and has a headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Consumers have given it 4.1 stars out of five on sites such as Facebook, go here, for its outstanding service. Stream started in Texas and recently expanded to more than a handful of states. Illinois and Delaware were the two most recent editions.

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