End Citizens United Plays A Major In Electing Alabama Senator Doug Jones

The Alabama race for the Senate has been one of the most controversial in living history with allegations of historic abuse and various forms of bigotry leveled at Republican candidate Roy Moore. Despite the various allegations made against the former judge and Republican candidate the election in Alabama was still seen as within the reach of the candidate seen as holding extreme religious views not compatible with the way the majority of society is moving in the 21st-century; the Alabama Senate race was eventually won by Democrat Doug Jones who was backed early in his campaign by End Citizens United before details of the private life of Roy Moore even became public.

End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller has revealed the work of the PAC played a key role in the election of the Democrat candidate as the decision to back his candidacy came long before any abuse allegations were made against Roy Moore. The fight for a better future for the people of Alabama and the U.S. in terms of preserving and protecting the democratic process has obviously struck a chord with the electorate who have joined the End Citizens United PAC and the campaign of Doug Jones. Across Alabama, more than 33,000 members of End Citizens United provided financial support for the grassroots campaign of Doug Jones to the tune of $600,000 with an average donation of $12.

End Citizens United is well known in Washington D.C. for providing a high level of support for the repeal of the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court in 2010 which allowed almost unlimited funding of election campaigns by billionaire individuals and major corporations. Despite only being established in 2015, End Citizens United has been a major part of the drive towards changing the election finance rules and returning the U.S. to a system of traditional PAC’s limited to accepting donations of just $5,000 per individual.

In Alabama, the race for the Senate tightened with many Republicans calling for Roy Moore to remove himself from the election amid historic abuse allegations. End Citizens United had endorsed Doug Jones in September 2017 soon after the primary for the Democrats when Roy Moore was still classed as the favorite for election to the Senate; a further level of support was needed from End Citizens United as Moore was seen by the PAC as being backed by funding from many of the dark political groups with links to the anti-LGBTQ community.

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