Developing Cancer Cures to Save a Generation-Clay Siegall’s Story

There is nothing that has been as menacing to the world of modern medicine as cancer. For several decades now, many research institutes and companies have been looking for cures, therapies and other treatment options that either eliminate cancer or ease the treatment and improve the quality of life of the sufferers. The success has not been much, which is why any news of success in cancer drug approved by the FDA is received very warmly by the medical community. This is precisely the achievement which has been made by Clay Siegall, the Owner and managing director at Seattle Genetics.

The company has been in operation for the past two decades, and so far, they have managed to get a drug approved. The drug is very effective in the treatment of multiple types of lymphomas. The company has already started trading their shares publicly under NASDAQ. The sales that have come from the drug which was approved two years ago are close to a million dollars so far. The company has been selling the drug both locally and internationally. Across the border in Canada, the sales of the drug are performed by a corporation knows as Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Besides Canada, there are 60 other countries where the sales of the drug have been approved.

The team at Seattle Genetics is now working towards another goal, making sure that the other 11 drugs that they are working on get approval from the FDA. To make this move a success, they have recruited new staff to assist the current people in the medical laboratories. The owner of the company, Clay Siegall says that the journey towards getting to the level he has reached was not easy. He confided that there were times that money was a real problem, but he expressed gratitude and a lot of optimism for the future.

He hopes that during this century and if possible within the decade, they will have come up with treatments and therapies to deal with cancer comprehensively. With his level of dedication and drive to succeed, it is easy to tell that Seattle Genetics will achieve much more.