Video Chat From Talk Fusion Recevies An Award For Exceptional Value

The Video Chat product produced by Talk Fusion received an award for product of the year from the Technology Marketing Corporation in 2016. This was the second time the media giant has honored them with an award. The award is given to honor products and services of exceptional value in data, voice, and video communications and encompass a period of twelve months. As CEO for the company Rich Tehrani accepted the award and later gave a press release regarding the leaders within their industries and the solutions they have presented to the market.


Talk Fusion Video Chat uses WebRTC technology so people can communicate face-to-face from anywhere using any device. Google Play Stores and iTunes both offer the Video Chat app. The full version originally went live in 2016. As the founder of the company Bob Reina spoke of his IT team’s future plans for Video Marketing Solutions and stated Talk Fusion always stays ahead of the curve. As the Chief Technical Officer, the confirmation of a larger goal was confirmed by Ryan Page. He believes their latest accomplishment demonstrates the innovation and efficiency of Talk Fusion.


In under a year Talk Fusion has launched a new website and made a free trial introduction for their WebRTC Recorder. They continue to impress customers and 2016 has been an excellent year for the company. For even more details please visit


The first Video Marketing Solution with all-in-one capabilities ever seen by the world was created at Talk Fusion. The company has placed their dedication in providing businesses what they need to stay ahead of their competition and stand out. They increase profits, sales, and ensure customers continue to come back. The products offered by Talk Fusion are dynamic and use video to make marketing more memorable, persuasive, and engaging. Independent Associates market Talk Fusion’s products in 140 countries. The offer thirty-day free trials and intuitive sales techniques. Bob Reina came up with the idea for Talk Fusion, he established the business in 2007 and remains the company’s CEO. He has geared the company to making the commitment to give back to the community and has a strong desire to help animal charities worldwide.


Gregory Aziz

Gregory Aziz is one of the leading manufacturers of steel car in North America. He is the president and CEO of the reputable National Steel Car Companies. He has been serving as the president of the world’s leading railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing companies for roughly 23 years now. The Native English speaker, Gregory Aziz is a graduate of Western University with a degree in Economics. Before becoming the successful president of the National Steel Car, he used to operate a family wholesale food business.

Gregory Aziz is a highly dedicated individual who gives back to the society through his diligent work as a car manufacturer. In fact, he has partnered with other organizations in several instances to promote the welfare of his people. Even at his elderly age, James Aziz still understands the need to promote a stronger community that facilitates all individuals irrespective of class. Interestingly, as a CEO at the National Steel Car, he has created thousands of jobs that have benefited most Southern Ontario families directly. Gregory J Aziz believes in strong team building. For instance, through strong leadership building and investments, he was able to successfully increase Car production from 3,500 per year in 19994 to 12,000 cars in 1999. His administration consists of 2,000 team members who work restlessly to move the National Steel Car to the next level through quality production.

James Aziz is evidently a successful entrepreneur. Before joining the National Steel Car, they operated a family wholesale food firm which performed extremely well. The organization grew from scratch to a reputable organization across Europe, Central, and South America. In addition, he once worked on several investment banking opportunities in New York before purchasing the National Steel Car in 1994. Interestingly, under the leadership of Gregory James, the National Steel Car firm has always been severally honored with the TTX SECO highest quality for close to ten years now.

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Unlike other CEOS, Gregory Aziz has always actively participated in promoting the welfare of the society through sponsorship programs and numerous charities in North America. For instance, he sponsored Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, and the Salvation Army among many others. Besides, anyone who has ever worked for him always attends the National Steel Car Christmas Party by willingly participating in the firm’s major food drive for local food banks each year. Therefore, he is one friendly person who does not discriminate others on the basis of class or any other grounds.

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