Business Insight with Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is a highly qualified personnel in the infrastructure who came up with subjects such as public lighting, public market, sanitation projects and many others. The mayor had held a dialogue with private business departments and they came up with a plan to be partners so as to help the economy grow.

The public-private partnerships seems to be the sole remedy for Brazil overcome from the financial crisis they are going through. For the public administration to be modernized, the mayor came up with a certain solution by signing a Decree 19736. The decree ensured that the program partnerships were established through the act. The mayor’s vision to signing the document is for Porto Alegre to offer its people great public services.

Felipe Jens suggested that a council will be in charge and have an oversight in the planning and execution of the partnerships. The council has its own responsibility such as defining conditions of the projects and also accept calls for public statements.

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, concession projects will be the one to evaluate reports on the implementation of concession and solve the agreements between the partnerships. Jens suggests that the members of the Board are not allowed to attend the discussion and they do not have a right to vote due to their contradicting personal interests.

Felipe acquired an undergraduate degree from Vargas Foundation then he went further to pursue a graduate degree in Thunderbird School of Management. He was elected as the director of Braskem in 2010 where he worked for three years.

Felipe is the person behind the innovations and ideas such as the public- private partnership and National Bank for Economic developments. The partnership grew tremendously and there was reduction of waste in several institutions. Felipe Montoro shared his thoughts of how the drain of financial resources can be minimized.

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