Building a Safer Prison with Securus Technologies

When I first began my career as a corrections officer, we were able to maintain a degree of safety because the inmate population was under the prison average rate. Today, the population of inmates has well exceeded what we should be housing, and cramped conditions has made it dangerous for anyone that has to work behind those prison walls. Even though we have the same amount of officers on duty, the ration of inmates to officer has exploded to the point that working conditions have become impossible at times to control.


To get back some of that control, we have begun utilizing more resources throughout this facility. It started back when we our prison was one of the first to get new airport body scanners to use in the visitor center. These scanners not only allow us to ensure none of the guests are bringing contraband to the jail that can get into the hands of the inmates, it also keeps inmates from getting anything they shouldn’t have back to their cells. This year we also connected with Securus Technologies, a company who is transforming the way officers are able to monitor what the inmates are saying on the prison phone system.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, has nearly a thousand employees, and even the CEO of the company says his entire team has one objective of making the work a safer place. The LBS software runs the system, and it can isolate any type of chatter from inmates pertaining to things like weapons, violence, drugs, gangs, and even contraband. When we get the alert, now we spring into action.


Since getting the new inmate phone call monitoring system, our prison has once again been able to control violent outbreaks to the point that anyone working behind these walls has a safer environment again.


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