Banking Industry Expert John Holt Joins Others in Panel Discussion

John Holt, the President and CEO of the financial institution Nexbank Capital, Inc., recently participated on the panel of industry experts at the Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. Hosted in New Orleans, Louisiana, the event was the fifth of its kind held by the Texas Bankers Association. Specifically, Mr. Holt was involved on a panel that discussed using innovation to expand a community banking business venture.

The forum attended by John Holt of Nexbank and other industry pros is designed to allow participating individuals to share their own insight as to how banking can be successful. In addition, obstacles and challenges are discussed with the opportunity for participants to gain perspective on the most natural business growth and expansion.

Nexbank is a financial institution based in Dallas, Texas that offers a broad range of services. The clientele of Nexbank primarily consists of other financial institutions, corporations, and real estate investors. However, Nexbank also offers personal banking services to individuals in various regions of Texas. The company excels from the combined experience of its leadership and a strong focus on client relationships.

Services offered by Nexbank include commercial lending. Startup businesses and other corporations can find a range of loans from Nexbank to sustain growth and maintain financial stability during various times of the fiscal year. The financial institution also specializes in lending for real estate and property investment, as well as warehouse financing for corporations in need of storage and distribution.

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