A Hair Revolution From Lime Crime

Is there room for more revolution in the beauty and cosmetics world? According to Lime Crime Makeup, yes there is! This is the company that has been pushing the envelope, beauty-wise, for the past several years, with its amazing line of gorgeous makeup and hair color products that use every color in the rainbow, and more.

Last April LimeCrime introduced its Unicorn Hair Color line, which offered an amazing selection of bold and bright semi-permanent hair colors, which are also vegan and cruelty-free. The incredible colors in this hair color line take the unique “unicorn” idea behind Lime Crime, (which uses punk rock-influenced colors to create a new beauty ideal that’s sassy and sunny) and pushes it to the edge with shades for hair color that have never been seen before.

Going Beyond Bright Into a Dark, Goth Feel

Since the hair color line’s introduction last Spring, Lime Crime has responded to the success of this new product line by pushing it even farther, with new gothic-influenced shades that are made just for dark-haired brunettes.

The first colors in this hair color line were bold and bright, ranging from a stunning mauve and going all the way to a bright minty green. Customers loved these colors, and seemed open to even more options, which is why the innovators at the company, lead by CEO and Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere, decided to explore further and find shades that are just right for darker hair.

The result of this restless experimentation is the new dark colors of The Unicorn Hair Color line. These colors include Chestnut (which is a dark maroon), Squid (a deep, dark purple), Charcoal (a sassy gray), and Sea Witch (deep sea green). These colors go on beautifully, and are very easy to apply.

So why settle for hair that’s simply beautiful? Go beyond, with the new colors from Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Color line!

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