Building a Safer Prison with Securus Technologies

When I first began my career as a corrections officer, we were able to maintain a degree of safety because the inmate population was under the prison average rate. Today, the population of inmates has well exceeded what we should be housing, and cramped conditions has made it dangerous for anyone that has to work behind those prison walls. Even though we have the same amount of officers on duty, the ration of inmates to officer has exploded to the point that working conditions have become impossible at times to control.


To get back some of that control, we have begun utilizing more resources throughout this facility. It started back when we our prison was one of the first to get new airport body scanners to use in the visitor center. These scanners not only allow us to ensure none of the guests are bringing contraband to the jail that can get into the hands of the inmates, it also keeps inmates from getting anything they shouldn’t have back to their cells. This year we also connected with Securus Technologies, a company who is transforming the way officers are able to monitor what the inmates are saying on the prison phone system.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, has nearly a thousand employees, and even the CEO of the company says his entire team has one objective of making the work a safer place. The LBS software runs the system, and it can isolate any type of chatter from inmates pertaining to things like weapons, violence, drugs, gangs, and even contraband. When we get the alert, now we spring into action.


Since getting the new inmate phone call monitoring system, our prison has once again been able to control violent outbreaks to the point that anyone working behind these walls has a safer environment again.


Karl Heideck on compliance with the new car seats law

In Pennsylvania, there is a new car seat law that has been passed. The law seeks to put safety measures for children while on the roads. The law which was passed 2016 came into full implementation in 2017 since it has a grace period of one year. The law states that children of less than two years should have special seats that face the rear of the car. The car seats are intended to boost the safety of the children on the roads. According to research that was conducted in it is better to have a child’s seat facing towards the rear since then, it is much harder for the child to break bones. Front-facing seats expose children to dangers even in the minor accidents.

The law also has a provision to have children of eight years and below have special, booster seats. The exception from this category is only for children who weigh more than 80 pounds and those who are taller than 4’9. These legislators in Pennsylvania hope that this law will go a long way in ensuring that the safety of children while on the roads is enhanced. Drivers who do not comply with the safety rules risk being charged or fined.

Karl Heideck, an attorney in the state of PA, has written on the law encouraging parents across the state to ensure that they have complied with the law. He says that compliance with the law means having the seats that are recommended by the law. In the state, some car seat manufacturers have recalled some of their models to ensure that they are compliant with the new law. For parents that have old cars seats, Karl Heideck advises them to buy new car seats from verified manufactures. Old seats may have damages that will make them not safe enough for use in protecting children.

Every year, a body known as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety releases yearly car seat recommendations. In their report, they show the best car seats in term of safety to the passengers. Karl Heideck recommends that, any parent who is not sure what type of car seat to buy to go to the list of IHIS and select a seat that is compliant with the law.

Car owners are also required to follow the instructions on how to install the seats in the vehicle. There various bodies in the state that deal with car seat inspection where parents can confirm if indeed their seats are up to required standards.

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Depression Treatment by Neurocore

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is dedicated to supplying brain-based assessment, data-driven and educating systems that assist adults and children in enhancing sleep, manage stress and mental concentration. After its foundation in 2004, Neurocore established quickly nine brain performance branches in Florida and Michigan making it the public assurance in applied neuroscience. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Neurocore uses technology to know and to deal with your symptoms. For instance, the company employs software that supervises the frequency of the waves in the brain and gives the results in real time. The goal of Neurofeedback is to ensure that the brain waves perform optimally in a consistent manner. By so doing unwanted signs are eliminated while the other areas such attention, focus, controlling stress and many others are enhanced.

To know the type of depression that a patient has, Neurocore uses a comprehensive technology to diagnose the patient. This diagnosis entails brainwave analysis that uses QEEG technology, breathing analysis, the rate of heartbeat and also other clinically approved diagnostic examinations that gives a picture of what is happening in the brain. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

After diagnosis, the results then guides the clinician in coming up with a personal program of the patient. These individual plans include the Biofeedback Training and the Neurofeedback Training. In the Biofeedback Training, the patients learn how to breathe slower and deeply so that the heart may function optimally hence allowing oxygen and blood to circulate throughout the body and more importantly to the brain. The training reduces typically stress, cortisol levels, high blood pressure and improves the mood and recovery level of the patient.

In Neurofeedback Training, the patient watches a movie typically for forty minutes in each session as he gets subjected to EEG equipment that plays when the brain is working within the therapeutic period. When it moves out of range, it stops. It shows that something is not in the balance. In the 30th session, the brain will have learned how to pause spiking out of range hence improving the performance of the mind. The benefits of this training include enhancing attention and focus, energy level, reduces stress and many others.

The company has licensed specialist in the clinical field together with customers lawyers and brain trainers that guide people to paths that lead to a better brain.


Equities First Holdings of Australia Extends Financial Services Through Expansion

In the business world, credit facilitation becomes very necessary sometimes. Equity First Holdings in Australia is one of the well-known companies in Australia providing faster loans. The company is a provider of alternative shareholder financing. It has lent money to many businesses internationally its current donations being to the ECT. The funds received by ECT will be used to fund research and development facilities in India. ECT is a company that innovates with a solid management team.


Equities First Holdings specializes in efficient, alternative, lending solutions for high net-worth individuals looking for non-purpose capital  business. Equities First Holdings (Australia) rooted from Meridian Equity Partners Pty Limited. Its president is Al Christy, who is a generous and ambitious man. The company operates as a subsidiary of Equities First Holding since September 5, 2014. Equity First Holding (Australia) Pty Ltd, based in Sydney, operates satellite offices in Perth and Melbourne and holds a license in Australian Financial Services.

Georgia Based Surgeon Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor that is licensed in surgery in the states of Georgia and Florida. Mark has been known to be very passionate about advocating for patients and being a dedicated servant to his community. Dr. McKenna grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana and graduated from Tulane University where he attended medical school. Once he was finished with his medical education and training, he practiced medicine with his father. Along with practicing medicine, he would also launch a venture known as McKenna Venture Investments which is a real estate development firm. McKenna would also acquire and start up a company known as Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Incorporated. During the history of these companies, they would grow to over 50 employees and provided services such as turnkey, design building, finance and closing services of real estate.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and destroyed much of Mark’s business interests. However, he would work with the city to help in the recovery efforts. Mark would contribute to rebuilding the city by redeveloping low moderate income housing. In the year 2007, Dr. McKenna would move to Atlanta, Georgia and start up a healthcare practice known as ShapeMed which was a wellness and aesthetic medical practice. He would also serve as the National Medical Director of Life time Fitness Incorporated. By the year 2016, Dr. McKenna would became the Founder and CEO of a company called OVME which is a company that specializes in consumer facing, technology enabled medical aesthetic services.

Mark is married to his wife Gianine McKenna and has a daughter named Milana Elle. He also owns a Pomeranian dog named Ryder. He is a member the Entrepreneurs Organization along with being a previous board member of the New Orleans Jazz Festival. Mark also served on the New Orleans Industrial Development Board.

When it comes to his business interests, Mark founded OVME which came from his experience in working in the medical aesthetics industry. On a typical day Mark gets up and begins work at 8AM. He continues to work until around 6PM to have dinner. After dinner he trains in JiuJitsu and then works some more until he goes to bed. When it comes to his business success, Mark attributes to reading books such as Think and Grow Rich and surrounding himself with people smarter than him. These things have enabled Mark to reach his full potential in business.

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George Soros Realizes that Nations needs Billions of Dollars to Keep Societies Open and Free

A nation’s citizens need to maintain a balance of freedom and responsibility if they want to thrive as an independent nation. An independent nation needs societies where people have the right to vote for their leaders, where government works with its citizens and not against them and where people have opportunities to live the best life possible. This can only happen within an open society where tyrants, political parties elitists  corrupt officials are not exploiting their nation and its people.

George Soros is a man who understands the harsh realities of closed societies. He knows that when a society is closed that people will be exploited, given few opportunities and live subpar lives. Soros is a seasoned man who has lived for nearly a century. When he was a child he lived under the tyranny of Adolph Hitler and his Nazi regime. Hitler was the prime example about how far a corrupt government could go with limiting the rights and freedom of its people and read full article.

The days of Adolph Hitler are long gone. Though the Nazi party is no longer an active group their legacy still lives on. While they pose no credible or real threat today, the same dangerous ideology that backed their regime still remains. Soros understands that modern governmental tyranny does not come in the form of Nazi’s and a harsh dictator; that does not mean that it cannot remerge once again. Soros is working hard to ensure that it doesn’t.

When political parties or a ruler start to limit a person’s freedoms rights  responsibilities; the population must be aware. If not, they can find themselves lulled into a place where they do not want to be. Wealthy people, the elitists, powerful political figures and strong social organizations can all impact a nation in a negative way.

George Soros is no politician. He is a business man by trade. However, he had become involved in politics since the 1970s. In the 2010’s and beyond, he is now a leading supporter of political parties social organizations all over the world. Soros is a liberal financier. He literally has billions of dollars at his disposal. He has so much money that he can fund thousands of political parties, candidates and organizations across the planet. His wealth makes him a powerful adversary against person or any ideology that tries to limit the lives of people.

He has given $18 billion dollars throughout the years to fund liberal organizations political entities. He mainly supports liberal organizations that work against traditional political parties and their ideology. In America, he supports democratic candidates and organizations. In other parts of the world, he finances policies for migrant groups and he provides support for organizations that oppose governmental norms that impede on people’s lives and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Soros is not haphazardly funding these organizations. He makes sure that they are doing their part to ensure that their societies stay open and free. Many groups would probably have had a hard time getting into the mainstream or being relevant without the help of George Soros. Throughout the years, his hefty $18 billion-dollar contribution through his Open Society Foundations has helped him to keep his dream of open societies alive and thriving. You can find out more about George Soros and his contributions on the New York Times New York Times website and Follow him

Karl Heideck on Philadelphia Salary History Law

The city of Philadelphia this year became the first city in the United States to enact a law that barred, employers from accessing the salary’s history of potential workers. According to lawyer Karl Heideck, the law has set a precedence that may be followed in other cities across the United States. The law as passed will mean that no employer will ask a potential employee about the salary they used to receive in the previous workstations.

According to Karl Heideck, the challenge will now be upon the employer to make sure that they do not ask any questions that may seem to disobey this law during their interviews. He continues to say that may corporation will have to seek the services of employment lawyers when conducting their interviewees, to ensure that nothing gets out of hand during the hiring process.

Karl Heideck adds that although the law is to be applied in Philadelphia only, it will affect businesses that have offices or branches in the city although their headquarters are not in the city. This will create a compliance nightmare for many businesses. Businesses will have to be careful implementing this business since it is very easy to make a mistake that and end up on the wrong side of the law.

Karl Heideck made an effort to follow enactment of this law to the end. He writes that the legislation faced opposition from the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce who wanted the law suspended. They argued that the law was discriminatory to the employer. They presented their case before a court law seeking for stay orders. However, the presiding judge could not find a reason that was satisfactory to show the law was impeding the business operations of employers as the organization argued. The case was dismissed, and the law is now bidding to every employer.

Karl Heideck argues that the law was good since it would close the gap that was there between the salary of women workers and male workers. He argues that for a long time women have been discriminated with a lower pay than men for the same job description. The law would bar employers from offering the women employees lower salary than men.

Karl Heideck recommend that every business will now need to be careful when hiring, he advises companies to seek the services of employment lawyers to help them with the hiring process. For more info about us: click here.

Karl Heideck has been a practicing lawyer in Philadelphia for more than a decade. He deals with business litigations.

How Rocketship Education Operates Differently Than Traditional Public Schools

Rocketship Education is a charter school program that largely has Hispanic and African-American students who come from low-income families. It was started in San Diego, California and now has a number of school in the United States. It was designed to address the fact that increasingly children from low-income household receive a subpar education when it comes to their education, especially nowadays. Rocketship Education seeks to break the cycle of poverty as one’s education is so important in getting a well-paying job.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit and operates public charter schools. They work with educators, parents, and community groups in order to create schools that will benefit the children who attend them. Their success at doing so is reflected in that they now operate 25 public charters schools in their network which is quite an achievement considering the company first launched just 10 years ago, in 2007.

At Rocketship Education schools parents are highly involved. They even interview prospective educator candidates. Before a teacher is offered a job they are interviewed by the parents who are free to ask the questions they feel need answers. The parents offer their feedback to the school administration officials which has been used to determine who gets the open job position.

At Rocketship Education they take a blended learning approach in order to effectively teach students. The students at these schools get a traditional teaching method where the teacher leads the instruction. They also, though, make use of computer-assisted instruction which the children find highly educational and interesting to do. This approach keeps the costs to run the schools lower than they otherwise would be. It also helps test scores as the students of Rocketship Education receive higher scores in general than do students at public schools in the same area.

Rocketship Education teaches elementary school children. In order to help prepare them and their parents for life in middle and high school this educational institution teaches parents the ways to advocate for their child’s educational needs. In this way when the students leave Rocketship Education they will still receive a good education.

Sentient AI Artificial Intelligence Technology Thats Futuristic and Performance Oriented

The retail industry has been growing fast after the internet revolution, and many new technologies have entered the pace to make the trade more competitive. One of the reasons why the e-commerce industry has taken the retail industry by storm is because it has helped the consumers get more choices while allowing the companies to get closer to the target audience. The interaction on the internet between the consumers and the companies is more transparent and fluid, which helps the companies to increase the sales while giving the customers more value for their money and better selection. However, in the past few years, as the competition in the e-commerce industry has become more fierce than ever before, the e-commerce companies are using advanced technologies to improve the e-commerce customer experience.

If the e-commerce customer experience is not seamless, the end users would not enjoy the shopping experience online and compel them to switch to another e-commerce company. It is something that no e-commerce company would ever want. It is why more and more companies are using the artificial intelligence technology that makes it easier for the customers to shop online and get their shopping requirements fulfilled in no time as the AI technology makes the online shopping experience more personalized and streamlined. The AI technology collects and configures the data for each user within seconds in real-time to provide them with the list of recommended products that they can choose from, based on their preferences and past shopping orders. Visit to know more about Sentient.

The AI technology would also act as a personal concierge for the end users, and each customer would have the different recommended products on their list depending on what they prefer and vice versa. The primary idea is to help the companies get more sales and increase their sales conversion while providing customers with better shopping and e-commerce customer experience. AI Technology helps with personalization in a big way and ensures that the end users don’t feel neglected on the site. As any given e-commerce sites these days have thousands of products, it is essential for the AI technology to come into the picture to help the customers get the product they are looking for.

Sentient AI is a company that has been around for many years and is leading the AI technology space for long. The firm offers AI platform for the e-commerce and online companies that help detect the customers’ requirements and make their shopping or browsing experience on the website more intuitive and seamless. Sentient AI has many AI technology-based products and services that can help the e-commerce companies significantly to increase their sales and attract more customers.