Life Line Screening Provides High Profile Life Screening Techniques to Save Lives

The benefits of getting early life line screening include arresting the symptoms of a disease on time. It is undisputed that with the early diagnosis comes early treatment. That is why Life Line Screening established. The company has been operating since 1993. Since then, it has been working on the basis of answering the demands for low screening costs in the health sector. Life Line Screening provides comfortable and non-threatening services in not only organizations but also churches and town halls. The company screens approximately 900,000 individuals in a year.


Life Line Screening is a leading healthcare provider internal screening services. The services of the company extend beyond what most health care physicians offer. The screening results have been designed to be shared as well as discussed with the doctor in charge of a client’s diagnosis. This ensures that the patient receives comprehensive care. At Life Line Screening, the mission of the company is to make sure that people who have unrecognized health issues receive a proper diagnosis. The team then does a follow-up with the physician to ensure that there is drug adherence


The company prides itself on being a leading service provider for community-based health screenings across America. They use advanced technology in addition to highly trained health care medical professionals to conduct screening. Through the board of certified physicians, the health reviews are handed out after a proper examination. Life Line Screening committed to providing the highest quality of preventive screenings. These services are highly affordable.


Life Line Screening partners with many hospitals, community organizations, and investors to provide patients with top-notch and efficient health screenings. Through these partnerships, the society has benefited from the input of corporate world, the medical community and employee groups. Partnership with Life Line Screening contributes to the positive of the community and organization. The company offers ranging treatment options from various insurance companies. Whether a client is a member of the medical community or just a local employee, Life Line Screening takes care of all interests. Partnering with the company is easy as all it takes is the sharing of their vision.

Paul Mampilly’s Impressive Career

Paul Mampilly decided to leave Wall Street because he felt that he needed to work on a field that best benefits people. The idea for his start-up came from his willingness to transform the lives of people using his skills and knowledge. Mr. Paul uses the same routine on a daily basis.

Mampilly gets new business ideas by conducting intensive research with his team. The Internet of Things is an emerging trend that excites Paul a lot. Mampilly believes that the technology will bring revolutionary changes to countless industries such as food, banking, and energy among others. Mr. Paul believes that his ability to follow the same routine daily makes him productive. Paul says that according to him, college education is not vital. Paul Mampilly advises young entrepreneurs to strive to understand issues from other people’s perspective. Doing so helps to conduct proper assessment and make well-informed decisions. Mr. Paul states that he sees it viable to invest in technology because it dictates the future.

Paul Mampilly started his career in 1991 at Wall Street where he served as an assistant manager at Bankers Trust. With time, he started getting recognized for his outstanding performance. He got promoted and held senior positions at ING and Deutsche where he managed millions of dollars. In 2006, Paul was appointed to manage hedge fund. Paul started the company with $ 6 billion and grew it to $ 25 billion. In 2008/2009 financial crisis period, Mr. Paul participated in an investment competition where he generated $88 million from $50 million. The astonishing returns gave him worldwide recognition. In 2016, Paul joined Banyan Hill Publishing to serve as its senior editor. His role as a senior editor involves; helping Americans gain wealth through making investments, small-cap stocks, technology, and exceptional opportunities.

Paul Mampilly has approximately 25 years of experience in investments and holding senior financial job positions. Paul also covered health care and biotech as an analyst. Some of his notable clients include; the Templeton Foundation, Sears, Swiss private banks, and Royal Bank of Scotland among others. Mampilly founded Profits Unlimited, a renowned investment newsletter. Mr. Paul uses his knowledge, experience, and skills to guide over 60, 000 subscribers into stocks.

Bright Future for Success Academy Charter Schools

A charter school is a publicly funded school that is independently accountable for curriculum and values. While the public schools of America struggle greatly due to constricting policies and muddied curriculum, charter schools are free from this red tape and this freedom allows them to soar. Because they are not bogged down by bureaucracy, the leaders of charter schools are able to make decisions that are based on a clear vision. The Success Academy is network of Charter schools in New York City which exemplifies the potential for success that charter schools hold.


The Success Academy charter schools’ success can be seen clearly when you look at the math and literacy proficiency rates of Success Academy students in comparison to surrounding public school’s rates. Success Academy students have almost 100% proficiency, while nearby public school systems have proficiency rates in the teens or lower. There is clearly a large difference in the way the students of each system are learning, growing, and retaining information.


The Success Academy approach to education is based on a commitment from the leadership that each graduate will succeed in college and in life. The network is arranged so that students who enter into an elementary school will be transitioned smoothly into middle school and then high school. Thought towards college preparation begins at a young age. The students academic life as well as social and emotional life is considered when preparing a student for success. This holistic and long-term vision is coupled with a dress code, motivational role models, a discipline of success, and rigorous curriculum.


Many public school models fail to provide a high quality education because of interference and input from many organizations and agencies. As a government funded operation, a public school is accountable to a wide range of people, all with different agendas and purposes. In contrast, a charter school’s leadership is independent from political affiliations and may make decisions based solely on what is best for the students. Success Academy has been steadily growing since it was founded, which is an indication of the networks high regard. Once a student enters the Success network, they continue within the network until they reach college age. New high schools have recently been added to the network in order to house the up and coming students. The future of charter schools is bright.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Tackles Custom Oncology Treatment Platform with Clinican Pathways

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) announced that it has formed a partnership with Allscripts and NantHealth in an attempt to provide custom treatment solutions with Clinical Pathways.

The idea is to provide physicians with new methods of treatment without disrupting the workflow of an outpatient clinic. According to Goerge Daneker, Chief Medical Officer at CTCA, the goal is to limit time wasted on guessing which treatment options would best be applied for each individual patient. Clinical Pathways attempts to create an infrastructure that meets CTCA’s standard of care, maintaining efficiency without compromising safety.

Another focus of this partnership is to increase the transparency of therapy selection and administration of care. Patients now have the option to better discuss treatment options and compare them This can also expedite the approval process through insurance companies, providing much needed data to researchers and potentially saving lives.

Providing real-time data on how physicians are treating patients not only allows for more refined research but it also lets patients have greater involvement in their own care. Clinical Pathways endeavors to be effective at that through embracing technology and letting stakeholders commune and and support CTCA’s effort in advancing cancer treatment.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America:

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, based in Boca Raton, Florida, is a network of hospitals dedicated to assisting adult patients suffering from cancer. From its locations in Phoenix, Tulsa, Chicago, Atlanta, and Philadelphia, CTCA engages patients with an empathetic approach that uses treatment in a manner that makes the most of current science to help them heal physically and emotionally so they are batter prepared to face their illness and the long road ahead.

CTCA continually receives praise for how it ranks against other hospitals in terms of quality of care and the overall patient experience throughout treatment. This is made possible through enduring partnerships that makes the most of industry ties and technological advancements, insuring that those in their care receive treatment that fits their unique needs.

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