Richards Blair’s Contribution to the Financing Services Industry

About Richard Blair

Richard Blair is an investment advisor with sufficient assets registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC ) also known as the Registered Investment Advisor or RIA. Often, investment advisors have a level of discretionary authority that allows them to serve clients without having to obtain formal permission before executing an action. Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions aiming to make a significant and positive difference in the lives of individuals, families and startup businesses.

As the financial advisor for Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair has over 24 years of experience. He is a licensed Investment Advisor and Certified Financial Planner. As an Investment Advisor, Richard advises Wealth Solutions regarding securities within finances. Contrary, as a Certified Financial Planner, he is responsible for drafting the company’s financial plan and overseeing its implementation. Additionally, he helps individuals accomplish their financial goals. Blair’s contribution towards the success of small-scale businesses cannot go unnoticed.

Background information about Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions was founded in 1994 to help people overcome challenges involved in financial planning and investments. After graduating from Houston University with a bachelor of finance in 1993, Richard Blair started working in the financing services industry.He founded his independent firm, Wealth Solutions to provide objective and unbiased advice to his clients without any conflicts of interest.

Wealth Solutions Inc. is a fully registered Investment Advisory Firm based in Austin, Texas. The firm provides comprehensive and personalized financial planning. The company’s objective is to seek opportunities that offer dynamic and conservative solutions in investments. These solutions are meant to assist clients in taking part in the upside while looking for ways to minimize the risks involved. Here are the core services offered by Wealth Solutions;

• Wealth management services
Wealth management services include the creation of an investment portfolio that allows proper diversification based on the client’s individual needs and goals.

• Financial planning and retirement planning
According to Richard the right key to successful in wealth management is collaboration. He recommends consideration of client’s short-term and long-term objectives during the implementation of a financing plan. Furthermore, retirement planning is a highly regarded aspect by Wealth Solutions.

How Lime Crime is Transforming the Cosmetics Industry

Leading cosmetics brand, Lime Crime recently announced the introduction of a new range of lip and eye care products. Lime Crime’s products have gained immense social media popularity due to their wide range of applications. The firm has equally cut a niche for itself by being a trendsetter. It advances cruelty-free cosmetics, which have gone on to become popular with beauty enthusiasts.


Meteoric Social Media Popularity


When the company launched Superfoils in June, very few people expected that it would become an overnight sensation. However, the revolutionary water-based eye shadow has become one of the most sought-after cosmetic products. The firm’s other product, Metallic Velvetiness is based on Lime Crime’s long-established transfer-proof and long wearing formula. This product has similarly been critically acclaimed. The impressive uptake that Lime Crime products have received clearly shows that the firm is leading a transformation in the cosmetics industry.


The company founder and CEO, Doe Deere points out that her team has a strong commitment towards the advancement of high quality products. These products are often inspired by the needs of its fans. The company has mainly relied on social media platforms such as Instagram to connect with its fans. Such outlets also give fans an opportunity to give their opinion about products being advanced by the company.


Deere and her team create products that come in eccentric colors. These include champagne gold, rose gold, icy silver, and violet. The popularity that Superfoils has garnered is attributed to its relative ease of application. This way, one can easily achieve the so-called Insta-worthy look without requiring the services of a professional beautician.


Lime Crime in Brief


The Los Angeles based firm has become popular through the advancement of cosmetic products on websites like Amazon, that augment the sense of self-expression and freedom. Since its formation, it has been committed to the use of innovation to create products that meet the prevailing needs of the market. All products on the firm’s portfolio are vegan and cruelty free. Its social media pages are followed by more than 2.5 million fans, which proves how popular the company is.  The best place to buy Lime Crime is through fashion centric retailers, like Doll’s Kill.


Lovaganza Announcement gives A Date for 2020 Celebrations

The world is full of cultures that span thousands of years. They are expressed in different ways such as songs, dances, clothing, and beauty. Uniting all these customs and celebrating the uniqueness of each is what the Lovaganza culture is all about. The entertainment franchise, Lovaganza, has given a date for its much-anticipated worldwide celebrations, Lovaganza 2020 – May to September. The festivities will bring the different traditions of the world by putting on great entertainment shows from exhibitions to motion pictures to immersive attractions on Instagram. The celebration will take place across 8 global locations; Africa, America, Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Lovaganza 2020 celebrations are “inspired by the past, present, and future” of every country in the world.

Lovaganza Convoy

The Lovaganza Convoy refers to a movie trilogy that will be part of the Lovaganza celebrations that are meant to showcase the beauty of the world through epic tales of history, love, action, and mystery. Shooting for the movie trilogy has already begun with the first one titled Follow Your Sunshine, already starting in Frigiliana and other locations. Even though some of the movies will be set in traditional time, Lovaganza is making use of the latest entertainment technologies and concepts to make movies that will truly immerse the word in different cultural settings. The glassless 3D immersive experience will be a part of the film release of Lovaganza, which will be in traveling pavilions. There will also be 2D and 3D theaters.

There will also be immerscope screens that will give the people a memorable cinematic experience. The 2020 celebrations of Lovaganza, initially set for 2015, will start with a traveling show in 2017 to promote the festivities.

Lovaganza Entertainment

The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise is one of a kind that has brought a new meaning to celebrating world cultures. With its Bohemian Adventure way of life, Lovaganza is taking the whole world on a journey of rediscovering who people are, where they come from and where they are heading. The success of the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise and its visibility will be used to launch the Lovaganza Foundation, a non-profit that will work with other organizations to meet shared objectives. The Lovaganza Foundation is set to open in 2018, and its first objective is to ensure a quality life for all children across the globe.

Learn more about Lovaganza:

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.