Successful Startup With Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a businessman that was raised in Freiburg, Switzerland. He completed his college education at Bern University and the University of Rochester. When Mike Baur was 16 years of age, he began a banking job at Union Bank of Switzerland. He climbed the ranks in the company very quickly. Baur was young, but when it came down to banking, he knew beyond his years. UBS made Baur an apprentice in 1991. He had proven his banking abilities and much more. UBS looked forward to keeping Baur as an employee. They gave him a plan that outlined the way his career at UBS would go before the time came for him to retire. He ended his employment at UBS in 2008.

Mike Baur got a job working Clariden Leu. He was a valued employee at Clariden Leu for six years. Baur gave up his banking job after the recession came and changed everything. He was no longer interested in banking he was now interested in helping tech entrepreneurs.

Mike Baur, Oliver Walzer, and Max Meister founded Swiss Startup Company in 2014. The company created a program called the incubator program that mentored and trained aspiring business owners. The companies that seem the most promising after the incubator program are given money to get the proper supplies. They assist the new owners for three months before they end the incubator program. Within the three months, they give the new owners marketing advice, information to network with other tech entrepreneurs, and the opportunity to receive funding from possible investors. When the three months are over the business owners must thrive off everything that they learned from the program.

Swiss Startup company believes in giving everybody a chance to pursue their dreams. They advise tech startups to enter contests to receive funding. In the competition, the tech startup explains their products and the plans that they have for their company. Whichever startup has less the $1million in funding and a solid plan gets funding from investors. Swiss Startup Company is credible because of Mike Baur participates in the pitching contest.

Swiss Startup Factory collaborated with CTI allowing Baur to flourish even more. He received a position as CTI Invest’s Deputy Managing Director. Baur’s position with CTI allowed for Swiss Startup Factory to collaborate on Swiss Startup Day. Baur’s hard work and passion have allowed Swiss Startup factory to grow.


Susan McGalla Discussing the Ways to Improve the Position of Women in the Corporate World

One of the most prominent problems in the corporate world these days even after so much advancement is the difference between the ranks of men and women. There are fewer women in the executive position in the industry than there are men and it is a difference that has been going on for years. Even when the world has come to realize the fact that there isn’t much that women can’t achieve in comparison to men, the difference is apparently visible in the corporate world. Susan McGalla is one of the few women executives who has been able to outrank men in her career to become the President at the reputed apparel firm named American Eagle Outfitters Inc and CEO at Wet Seals inc.

Susan McGalla says that for women achieving their dream position in any company is far easier today than it was earlier. However, she does acknowledge that glass ceiling problem does exist and only the existence of women support groups or women directed initiatives are not enough to address the issue. Susan McGalla says that if the support groups and efforts were enough to uplift the position of women in the corporate world, then the difference in the number of men and women executives in the companies today won’t be at the extreme ends of a scale.

Susan McGalla says that what women in the corporate circle need these days is some kind of mentor to help them reach their dream designation. Having mentors who are driven by incentives to help women get to a better position can work wonders in ensuring that the motivated and determined women employees who are heavily invested in their work can achieve the status they deserve. If more and more companies adopt this approach, it would help the women to get over the glass ceiling problem, once and for all.

Barbara Stokes Gives Home Construction a Stroke of Quality

About Green Structure Homes

Green Structure Homes is a company providing both steel and modular wooden frame homes. These homes are made to be state of the art. The company also uses the latest technology to make environment-friendly homes that use energy efficiently. Green Structure Homes does all this while giving the client budget accuracy, with homes built within a short time frame using local workforce. Green Structure Homes have low maintenance costs with lowered insurance premiums and costs associated with energy. The homes a structural integrity of 130mph for hurricanes and makes multiple bedroom family homes resistant to mold, pests and mildews. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

A Mercer University graduate, Barbara Stokes studied Biomedical Engineering and Physics. At the same university, she studied Manufacturing and management. She also did studies in Technical communication, thermodynamics, and structures. She also studies Properties of materials. She has worked for Boeing and Pisces Corporation. Barbara Strokes also has a lot of experience in government contracting. It is this experience that has enabled her to lead GSH into supporting various US government missions and also FEMA. She volunteers frequently for Huntsville community. Follow Barbara Stokes on Facebook.

Products and Designs

The materials used by GSH in their home construction are wood and steel of light gauge. The external design of the homes is for executive homes with the interior customized to the clients’ taste. This customization includes state of the art kitchens and marble or granite baths. The erections of GSH homes are made to have a minimal environmental impact. GSH manufactures its homes off-site; they are then delivered to the clients preferred site where they are then erected within days. The homes also have insulation with the roof reflexes using the recommended R-19 insulation value. This standardized and consistency applied by Green Structures Homes in its manufacturing processes and procedures, ensure the final products are high quality. All the input, from materials, form, design and the construction itself, are all high quality. Checks are constantly done to ensure quality assurance of procedures have been properly enforced in from the product manufacturing process until it is installed at the client’s site.


Is White Shark Media Worth Hiring?

If you really were to ask White Shark Media’s customers whether the company fit the bill for marketing their businesses effectively, they would tell you undoubtedly yes from looking at the testimonials. Now whether White Shark Media is right for you depends largely on how much you use Google AdWords with your business. But with the amount of money it usually takes to get to the top of Google’s ad listings, a company like White Shark Media can help you reduce those costs greatly.

Now how is it that White Shark Media can do that? They utilize effective metrics for measuring not only how much traffic you’re getting, but what’s driving the traffic to making purchases or deterring it from doing so, and also where it’s coming from. They also have tools to track down sales leads coming through phone calls or using mobile devices. And since you usually aren’t just concerned with numbers but what those numbers mean, White Shark Media’s specialists can explain them to you. Also, White Shark Media has made Google’s small and mid-sized business partner network for digital marketing, something that only marketing agencies who meet very strict standards can qualify for. You can get good insights as well as monthly review sessions when you hire White Shark Media.

You don’t have to rush the thought of hiring White Shark Media if you’re on the fence about it. Instead, you should get a free AdWords evaluation from them. This is not an obligation to hire White Shark Media but just a chance to get to meet their staff and let them look at your AdWords campaigns and explain without changing anything how they would improve them. You can gain a lot of knowledge in this evaluation and if you want to hire White Shark Media, they can get to work on your AdWords right away. If you don’t, it’s still likely to be worth your time to take the evaluation.

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EOS Getting Rave Reviews For Release Of New Lip Balm

The recent launch of the EOS Gel Crystal Lip Balm continues to get rave reviews. Customers appreciate that the new product is see through, vegan, and wax-less.

EOS has gone away from its primary signature shape in favor of a new pyramid shape, refer to this great review here. EOS created a new container to match the new crystal lip balm. Thanks to the combination of shea butter, avocado, and castor oil, the lip balm will continuously keep mouths hydrated. EOS has two flavors on the market; Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid.


About EOS

Evolution of Smooth makes a number of different lip care and beauty products that help enhance the lives of its users. EOS uses only the best ingredients to create wonderful scents, colors, and flavors. Every EOS product is gluten free and hypoallergenic.

EOS makes popular hand and body lotion that combines soft fragrances, check also The lotion has antioxidants that help keep the skin looking radiant at all times. The shaving cream has grape seed extracts that allow for a full day cycle of moisture for the skin. The oat extract allows people to shave comfortably without worrying about receiving razor bumps.

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EOS has two limited edition flavors of lip balm; Peppermint Cream and Peppermint Mocha. You can purchase EOS products at Target and, among other retailers.


How Oncotarget is Changing Cancer Treatment

The Research Gate article that talked about Oncotarget found the publication was doing what it could to make cancer research better. It was giving people a place where they could connect and a place where they would be able to come together. For Oncotarget, this meant they would need to try to fix things so they could get better at the industry they were working in. It also meant the company would be doing their best to provide different things to people who were working on their own. As long as Oncotarget was connecting doctors and patients, they were giving them the ability they had to make things easier. It also gave them the chance to try different things while they were working toward a better future. As long as the company had done their best and as long as they were helping other people with the issues they were facing, Oncotarget was doing things right. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

While the publication has continued to grow, people are realizing they are getting a great experience from the peer review publication. Doctors are learning more about treatment and they’re using it to make their patients feel better about themselves. For Oncotarget to do this, they had to make sure they were giving them all the things that would change their lives. It was part of how they could make everything better and part of what the industry needed to treat people who were in different cancer situations. It was everything they could do to bring attention to the industry. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

For Oncotarget, this means they have to continue to do better and grow in different situations. The article from Research Gate even said that Oncotarget was expanding to include other specialists. They would be able to do this so they could help even more people with the issues they were facing. It gave them the motivation they needed to try and help those who were working on their own. It also gave them the ability to truly make an impact in the cancer treatment community. They did all of it for the patients they were trying to serve.


End Citizens United Plays A Major In Electing Alabama Senator Doug Jones

The Alabama race for the Senate has been one of the most controversial in living history with allegations of historic abuse and various forms of bigotry leveled at Republican candidate Roy Moore. Despite the various allegations made against the former judge and Republican candidate the election in Alabama was still seen as within the reach of the candidate seen as holding extreme religious views not compatible with the way the majority of society is moving in the 21st-century; the Alabama Senate race was eventually won by Democrat Doug Jones who was backed early in his campaign by End Citizens United before details of the private life of Roy Moore even became public.

End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller has revealed the work of the PAC played a key role in the election of the Democrat candidate as the decision to back his candidacy came long before any abuse allegations were made against Roy Moore. The fight for a better future for the people of Alabama and the U.S. in terms of preserving and protecting the democratic process has obviously struck a chord with the electorate who have joined the End Citizens United PAC and the campaign of Doug Jones. Across Alabama, more than 33,000 members of End Citizens United provided financial support for the grassroots campaign of Doug Jones to the tune of $600,000 with an average donation of $12.

End Citizens United is well known in Washington D.C. for providing a high level of support for the repeal of the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court in 2010 which allowed almost unlimited funding of election campaigns by billionaire individuals and major corporations. Despite only being established in 2015, End Citizens United has been a major part of the drive towards changing the election finance rules and returning the U.S. to a system of traditional PAC’s limited to accepting donations of just $5,000 per individual.

In Alabama, the race for the Senate tightened with many Republicans calling for Roy Moore to remove himself from the election amid historic abuse allegations. End Citizens United had endorsed Doug Jones in September 2017 soon after the primary for the Democrats when Roy Moore was still classed as the favorite for election to the Senate; a further level of support was needed from End Citizens United as Moore was seen by the PAC as being backed by funding from many of the dark political groups with links to the anti-LGBTQ community.

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Financial Leaders Are Not Discussing Social Security With Their Clients

David Giertz sat down to talk about social security and why it’s not being discussed by financial advisers. As a result, it can have a negative impact on retirement benefits in the future. He conducted a survey through the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute (A survey of consumers). The survey consisted of individuals already retired or approaching retirement, within 10 years or so. It revealed that most of those people were not receiving any counsel from their financial leaders about social security. From the adviser’s view, it poses a threat in retention because the survey also revealed that 4 out of 5 people said they would switch financial advisers if social security wasn’t discussed with them. Being that the social security handbook consists of 2,700 rules, Giertz feels that financial advisers are overwhelmed with the topic. The rules are of a complex nature. He believes that with the proper understanding and courage, financial advisers will be able to tackle the social security handbook and become comfortable with it.

David Giertz stresses the importance of advisers providing the right information to their clients about their retirement benefits. If retirement is pulled out too early, individuals can lose more money in the long run. In order to prevent things like that from happening, financial advisers have to make it a priority to discuss social security with their clients.

David Giertz has been a financial adviser for Nationwide Investment Services Corporation since 1999. It is located in Dublin, Ohio. He is also the President, Senior Vice President and Director for other Nationwide companies. He has been in the industry for more than 31 years.

He has passed 4 exams and is a registered broker with FINRA. He also has other accreditation through the State Securities Law Exam, General Industry & Products Exam, and the Principal/Supervisory Exam.

Surgeon Mark Holterman’s Inspiring Career

Dr. Mark Holterman is a full professor at the University of Illinois in the college of medicine, which is based in Peoria. Dr. Holterman is a Pediatric Surgeon at St. Francis Medical Centre. He has also worked with Advocate Christ Children Hospital for a couple of years as a surgeon. Mark graduated from Yale University with Summa Cum Laude in Biology. He later proceeded to the University of Virginia where he earned a Ph.D. and MD in Biology. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holterman’s profile at

While in the University of Virginia, Dr. Holterman earned a fellowship in Pediatric Surgery by way of the University of Washington in the United States of America. Dr. Holterman has earned more experience in surgery, and this has earned him many titles. He has worked Mariam Global Health as the Chief Executive Officer. While working with Mariam Global Health, Dr. Holterman did much research on medical technologies including stem cell regeneration therapy, obesity management and cancer treatments. He has worked as surgeon-in-chief at Rush University Medical Centre where he laid a great foundation and compass for the next management.


Dr. Holterman is an author who has developed medical texts, peer-reviewed papers and many presentations on Bariatric Surgery that treats obesity. Dr. Mark Holterman is one man of a kind who does not choose any work; he is a lecturer teaching students at the University of Illinois, he also performs surgeries while working tirelessly on research therapies. He has gone beyond limits and ventured into business and therefore he is an entrepreneur, researcher and philanthropist. He has also helped many health charity organizations including International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for Vietnam Children also known as IPSAC-VN.

IPSAC-VN operates in Vietnam medical schools, hospitals and homes to bring the advanced medical attention to ill needy children. The group also looks into donations to support the group and volunteers so as to run the organizations. Dr. Holterman has set examples for many entrepreneurs in Vietnam and beyond. He has stood as a motivation to young business starters and research institution for the last two decades. He is an outgoing man who has earned vast experience in his fieldwork hence supporting his field of work and profession. Visit to know more.

Louis Chenevert’s Achievement as CEO of United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert is a retired CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), and Gregory J. Hayes succeeded him. Louis was born in 1958 in Quebec. He attended an affiliate school of the University of Montreal called the HEC Montreal where he graduated with a bachelor of Business Administration degree in production management. Louis obtained a doctorate honoris causa from both Concordia University and HEC Montreal. He started working and the United Technologies Corporation in 2006, and was named Chief Operation Officer. He was named CEO in 2008 and became a chairperson of the board of directors in 2010 January. Read more about Louis at

Over the years, Louis has built an unmatched reputation when it comes to running and managing a business. During his ten years at the UTC, he has led the company to great heights when it comes to accomplishments. As a new president of UTC, Louis was able to acquire Goodrich for over 18 million dollars, one of the most remarkable achievements. A few years later he rejuvenated the company by investing in the workers and allowing them to finish their college degrees in their corresponding fields. The company established a program called the Employees Scholar Program that would cover their employees’ expenses when during the time they went back to school. The company used over 1 billion dollars in this project, and more than 40,000 employees all over the world were able to attain their degrees. This strategy was the best as it left the financial foundation of the company very stable. To make the company more competitive, Louis Chenevert took a risk and invested in the current technology that was available. This step made UTC a reputable and reliable name in the industry of aerospace and technology when the company acquired a government contract to manufacture a new engine.

Forbes named Mr Chenevert, the hero behind the growth and improvement that has ensured consistency growth in the company over the years. During the 2006 subprime downfall of the economy, a period where most companies collapsed UTC was notably stable as Mr Chenevert was able to steer through it smoothly despite the perfidious condition of the economy. Louis Chenevert resigned as the CEO of UTC in the 8th of December 2014. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Affiliate Dork.