Perry Mandera: Businessman and Philanthropist

Over the years, Perry Mandera owner of The Custom Companies, Inc., has dedicated his time and energy to making this world a little better. His activities include organization and distribution of charitable funds, supporting the Illinois State Crime Commission, and even his freight company focuses on environmentally sound practices.


Helping the Community

In the spirit of true caring, Perry Mandera uses his business interests to help the community by giving back. Just this last holiday season, Perry Mandera’s charity Custom Cares Charity, a 501 nonprofit, helped to facilitate the distribution of thousands of dollars of charitably funds to needed families throughout the Northlake, Illinois area. This was not Perry Mandera’s only charitable undertaking last year. He also distributed coats and clothing to people in need in the Chicago Metro and surrounding areas.

Perry Mandera also is a firm supporter of the Illinois State Crime Commission or ISCC. By working with the Police Athletic League, the ISCC helps to reduce crime, engage youth, and promotes positive outcomes and interactions between police and the citizens of Chicago. It also helps to train officers in tactics, martial arts, and firearms, to protect both those in uniform and the public at large. In consecutive years, ISCC awarded Perry Mandera with both the coveted Bishop Shield Award and the Citizen of the year award for his continuing work to serve the community at large and his support. Together they work to reduce crime, end juvenile sex offenses, impaired or DUI driving, and stop the epidemic of domestic violence.

Perry Mandera’s work does not simply end with charity and giving to the community. He also runs an environmentally responsible company (Releasefact). His transportation company adheres to the strict guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Smartway Program. This voluntary program helps transportation companies to reduce admissions and become more environmentally friendly.

Overall Perry Mandera is making the township of Northlake and the Chicago area a better place to live. His activities and business practices are an example of how you can combine business, social responsibility, and environmentally sound practices to better the lives of others.

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Perry Mandera Brings Chicago Area Support to Illinois State Crime Commission

Maintaining his strong role as a community leader and assistance provider, Chicago-Area entrepreneur Perry Mandera brings his support efforts to Illinois State Crime Commission, ISSC, an organization that promotes life transforming training to the area’s most underprivileged youth.

The nonprofit agency works alongside the Police Athletic League to reduce juvenile related crime activities and juvenile delinquency.

By providing field programs involving local law enforcement, the ISSC works to strengthen the relationship between peace officers and the residents of the Chicago area.

Perry Mandera was awarded the ISSC’s Bishop Sheil award in 2010 and the organization’s Citizen of the Year Award the following year, recognizing his own positive contributions to the community.

ISSC also endorses legislative initiatives to promote current laws and reduce crime within the Chicago area. The group offers seminars at no cost on a variety of youth related issues such as gang activities, underage sex offenders, alcohol and controlled substance abuse, intoxicated vehicle operation and domestic violence.

The agency has also sponsored training for the community on self defense, martial arts, firearms and other forms of self protection and personal security.

Mandera’s additional efforts to assist the underprivileged youth in his community have included working with AkzoNobel and the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls to teach self sufficiency skills and the value of environmental sustainability and coordinated efforts with the Walther and Connie Payton Foundation and the Jesse White Tumblers, delivering 6500 winter jackets to needy children.

Recognized for his impact on helping the most needy, Mandera’s giving has been recognized by the community and the media.


Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera has more than 30 year experience providing transportation industry services. He founded The Custom Companies, Inc. in 1986 after working in various roles in the transportation industry.

A veteran of the Marine Corps Reserves, Mandera has built a reputation as a leader committed to giving back to his fellow citizens through a lifestyle of service and providing assistance.

Mandera serves on the Board of the Illinois Transportation Association. He was also named as one of the 100 top executives within the transportation industry.

As a successful business example within his community, Mandera’s company recently reported that its revenues have exceeded $200 million.


Stream Energy and the Clean Energy Era

As most of you are very aware, traditional fuel and energy providers typically power their clients strictly with fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are not only extremely dirty to process and turn into raw energy, but they are also a very limited resource that one day will dry up as a viable energy option. While all fossil fuels produce dirty energy, coal processing and production is probably the dirtiest and most prolific polluter out of them all. Even with clean coal processing technologies, consumers are beginning to wake up to the fact that coal is an outdated energy model and it should be tossed into the waste bin of history. Thankfully, much cleaner green technologies are rising fast to take the place of coal and other dirty fossil fuels (Askreporter).

Stream Energy is a leading green energy provider that is leaving its fossil fuel energy competitors in the dust. The company derives its power from wind, solar, and natural gas, harnessing an array of advanced technologies to process these clean energy sources. Stream Energy has seen huge financial and market share growth in the last decade. Experts believe this is partly due to the fact that most US states are beginning to heavily tax and penalize energy providers that pollute, measures that were long overdue.

What is propelling green energy companies forward like Stream Energy, isn’t just new government measures and taxation. Consumers over the last decade have become increasingly savvy when it comes to knowing which energy companies pollute, and which ones don’t. With energy provider decentralization across the greater US, consumers can pick and choose where they want to get their energy from. You would be hard pressed in this day and age to find an energy consumer that doesn’t opt to get its energy from the cleanest source possible, especially with so many weather born catastrophes occurring that are a direct result of global warming.

Energy analysts are convinced that companies like Stream Energy will not only continue to outpace their coal and other fossil fuel based competitors but at some point in the future, these age-old fossil fuel energy providers will be put out of business altogether as green energy takes over completely.


Stream Energy making waves!

It has never been a better time to be a customer with all the endless options that are provided from energy companies (Saveonenergys). The Dallas based company Stream is one of those leaders in the industry, providing its customers with not only energy but wireless, protective, and home services. With a revenue of more than 8 billion, the company that started in 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji, has made a big splash in its 12 years. It has become a force to recon with in the energy market with its services currently reaching Texas, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Washington, D.C., Illinois, and New Jersey, while its other services spanning worldwide.

Stream Energy’s most recent announcement of David Faranetta coming on board as the new Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer has further cemented the company as a big industry player and helping to secure Stream’s future in having top talent to drive its companies mission. His new role will encompass accounting, financial planning, tax, reporting, and treasury roles. Mr. Faranetta had previous success as the former Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Energy wholesaler Luminant where he helped revenues increase by more than 6%.

Stream’s future has never been brighter with a newly renovated space in the Tollway Center to house its growing and expanding services. Stream has seen its fair share of accolades and awards that has kept them in the forefront among their peers, with top awards such as the 2016 Silver Telly Winner: creative video “Tomorrow is Now”, and the 2015 D CEO – Renée Hornbaker named as a finalist for the Financial Executives Award.

Stream has soared to the top of the energy industry and has laid a foundation down on what a newer company can do as a new comer. It puts a foundation down of providing what’s best and needed for its customers and excels as a leader.


Stream Energy, Empowering Women One Conference at a Time

Women can do amazing things, and Stream Energy is hard at work making sure they are successful. To help Women achieve their goals, Stream Energy founded the group Women of Power in 2010. Every year they put together the Women of Power Conference. Full of inspiration, focused workshops, and detailed training, this conference held in November serves as a catalyst for the Women of Stream Energy. Sessions like “Be your own Boss” and presentations that range from personal branding tips to visualization and mindfulness exercises, women leave this conference feeling empowered to grow their business even more in the coming year.

“Each year, our retreat has a theme. This year, the theme was Shine.” Stream Energy’s Chief Financial Officer Renée Hornbaker, was influential in starting this group as one of the Cofounders. “Together, we focused on the importance of letting our true selves shine through with confidence, and how that practice can inspire others to do the same.”

Founded in 2005 Stream Energy is consistently ranked as a top 20 direct selling company. With more than $8 billion in total revenue, it’s no wonder that Stream Energy is recognized as one of the largest direct selling companies in the global energy market. But they are so much more than that. In recent years they have added Wireless, Protective, and Home Services. These products work together to fit the needs of their busy customer who want solutions to their everyday needs from a company they can trust.

Stream Energy is not only changing the field of energy, they are actively working to inspire women to live the life they’ve always dreamed of. By being their own boss in an actively growing field, Stream Energy provides the opportunity for women to shine not just at their annual conference, but every day of the year. With opportunities for learning and growth, Stream Energy is helping women to take charge of their future and grow a business they can be proud of.

Check out Stream Energy’s page for more updates.


Paul Mampilly Works For Banyan Hill Publishing And Has Found Success

Paul Mampilly is located in Durham, North Carolina and he is someone who is known for his business knowledge. He was educated at Montclair State University and the Fordham Graduate School of Business. He has worked for multiple organizations. Paul Mampilly has appeared on television multiple times, sharing information with the world. He is someone who is well known and who has found success.

Banyan Hill Publishing has the honor of keeping Paul Mampilly on staff. He is the senior editor there, and he specializes in helping individuals find wealth in a variety of ways. When he was asked how he got the idea for the newsletter that he has created, he shared that there are many people out there who need help with investing. He feels that those who are looking for information about investing do not have all of the information that they need. He wants to give such people access to the help that will allow them to be successful.

When Paul Mampilly was asked about a typical day for him, he shared that he has kept the same type of routine for fifteen years. Paul Mampilly wakes at relatively the same time each day and he goes about each day in a way that looks similar to the way that he went about the one before that one. He believes that keeping the same schedule has helped him to be productive and find success. When he was asked to share how he brings his ideas to life, he mentioned that he spends a lot of time researching them. He and his team research everything before can truly begin their work.

Paul Mampilly is not afraid to question himself and think about whether or not he might be wrong in what he is believing and what he is doing. He has shared that he repeatedly looks at what he is doing and tries to figure out if he might be wrong in some way. He believes that it is always good for a person to look at things from multiple perspectives and figure out if they might be wrong in some way. He has found success, and this seems to have helped him in that.

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Stream Energy Makes a Big Splash by Sponsoring Homeless Event

Energy and connected life services company, Stream Energy, just made a big splash by sponsoring an event that services homeless children and their families. Stream has an entire section of its company that it dedicates to caring and compassionate actions, watch this out. That faction is called Stream Cares, and it does nothing but contribute to causes that are similar to the Splash for Hope cause. Stream cares started shortly after the company opened its doors in 2005, and it has since then been going hard to help those who are in need.

The Splash for Hope Event is a yearly event that the Hope Supply Co. hosts each year to assist homeless children and their family members. They send these people to gorgeous places like Hawaiian Falls Waterpark so that they can enhance the quality of their lives if only for a little while. Stream went all out by paying for the children’s fare to the park and their meal fees. More than 1,000 children and family members showed up for the event this year, and it is the fourth year that Stream has played a part in this glorious event. They will most likely be a part of many more.

The Manager of Community Relations and Events said that it was a pleasure for her to get involved in this activity and provide these children with some memories that they could cherish for a lifetime. She thinks that Hope Supply Co. is a beautiful company for what it does for the needy children in the world.


About Stream Energy

Stream Energy is currently run by a man named Larry Mondry, and its headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. The company came out it in 2005 and was just a small energy provider. Now, Stream is proud to have service in eight states. Stream is much more than just an energy provider. It provides a plethora of services to the community such as Virtual doctor services, mobile phone services, home products and security products. Many people refer to the company as a connected life services company because of the vast assortment of products that it provides that support customer livelihood.


How CEO Graham Edwards Expanded The Footprint of Telereal Trillium

Telereal Trillium is a British company that is headquartered in London. It is an investment and commercial property management firm that was founded in 1997. One of its biggest clients is the Department for Work and Pensions with which it has a £3.2 billion contract to manage their properties such as job centres. Another big client is the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency.

The key person at Telereal Trillium is their chief executive officer, Graham Edwards. He joined this firm in 2000 after having spent years in the financial industry. He has signed off on some big deals since he became CEO, such as purchasing 6,700 commercial properties that were being outsourced by another company in the industry, BT Group Plc. This was a £2.4 billion dollar deal that greatly expanded his company, check this out.

After Graham Edwards acquired Trillium from another firm, Land Securities Group Plc, in early 2009, his company became one of the largest players in the industry when it comes to commercial property management. His company generates more than £1 billion in annual revenues, see info.

At Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards oversees a portfolio of commercial properties that are worth in excess of £6 billion. They manage a total of 86 million square feet of office space which accounts for 1% of the total such space available in the United Kingdom. They now manage over 8,000 properties across the United Kingdom and employ around 420 people.

Prior to taking over at Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards had worked for Talisman Global Asset Management. He was this company’ chief investment officer where he built their assets under management to over £1 billion, read more. At Merrill Lynch, the banking giant headquartered in New York City, he was a fund manager. He also was the finance head for the property department at another commercial property management firm, BT Group.

Graham Edwards earned a bachelor’s degree in economics at Cambridge University, refer also to  As a philanthropist, Graham Edwards shares his business acumen and leadership abilities with a variety of nonprofits. He has positions on the board of a number of charities like United Jewish Israel Appeal, Magen David Adom UK, Pennies, and One Voice Europe.

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Stream Energy Gives a New Finance Officer the Reigns

Leading energy and life services company, Stream Energy, just added a new Chief Financial Officer to the team. The company decided to invite Steve Faranett to take over the position. Faranetta has a heap of experience that he brings to the table. Larry Mondry, CEO of Stream, is ecstatic about bringing Faranetta on board. He said that he is delighted to have a man with such experience lead one of the most crucial departments in the firm. The finance officer has a lot of responsibility, and they would not have hired him if they did not have full confidence in what he could do for the firm.

Mr. Faranetta has been in the energy business for several decades says He spent some time working for TXU Energy. In fact, he was the Chief Financial Officer there, so he already had the expertise for the position that he just received. Furthermore, he was Vice President of Treasury at the Vistra Energy company. He received quite a bit of education in economics, so he is a well-rounded individual and seems to be the perfect to head Stream’s team.

Faranetta was just as delighted to be a new part of the team as Larry Mondry was to have him on the team. Faranetta said that he was thrilled to be a part of a team that is so fast-paced, profitable and motivated to strive for success. Faranetta will be a fine leader at Stream. He has already proven that he could handle such challenging positions in the past.


Stream Energy Information

Stream Energy is a company that receives a high level of praise and recognition of its achievements from the customers. Some clients see Stream as the epitome of excellent customer service and compassion. The company has been servicing the community for many years and has a headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Consumers have given it 4.1 stars out of five on sites such as Facebook, go here, for its outstanding service. Stream started in Texas and recently expanded to more than a handful of states. Illinois and Delaware were the two most recent editions.

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